5 Best First Person Shooter Games For Android Devices

First Person Shooter the most thrilling and exciting game genre in the history of gaming. Ever since the invention of FPS (first person shooter) games, the first ever FPS game Wolfenstein 3D  created by id Software and released in 1992 to the most popular FPS game of all time Call of Duty: WWII we have sighted the advancement and development in the industry of gaming. We have a massive list of FPS games on Android that you can download on your smartphone and spend your spare time, get your trigger aimed and shoot. Here are five best first-person shooter games for Android. However, you have to make sure that you have a smart device for gaming, as these games tend to have heavy graphics, high-speed internet and extremely power consuming games.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is one of the most thrilling FPS game available for the public in beta version, a full version is yet to be released. In this game, you opt to be a part of the terrorist group and make the massive destruction or choose to be a part of the anti-terrorism organization and stop that destruction. It also facilitates you with multiple features like online multiplayer mode, leaderboards, and eye-catching graphics to give you an overall soothing experience. This is one of the most promising games that you can avail on Android with 0.9.5.f315 as the current version that requires 4.4 and up Android. You can download the game on Google Play Store: Critical Ops.

Dead Effect 2

A sci-fi FPS game with the basics elements of horror, survival and role-playing game Dead Effect 2 is one of the best picks for Android gamers. Dead Effect 2 gives you an opportunity to play a vital role as the main character with one of the three protagonists you choose. It has a lot to offer with tons of gear, weapons and body implants that you will have to find out in order to gear up your level during the game. Featuring 20 hours of campaign and numbers of upgrading options, you will get a vast ground to level up your character. Recently updated on December 19, 2017, with the Android requirement of 4.1 and up, you can avail Dead Effect 2 on the Google Play Store: Dead Effect 2.

Dead Trigger 2

One of the oldest FPS game Dead Trigger 2 is undoubtedly an amazing and interesting game on Android. Covering ten regions and 33 environments the game consists of hundreds of difficult missions you will face. Most of the interesting part of this game is Zombies who are eagerly waiting to massacre you and shred you into pieces to kill their hunger. The game provides you with a variety of weapons with multiple upgrading options. Dead Trigger 2 is actively updating by the time, the developers at the backend are consistently working on adding further content and kill the bugs to make it more interesting and more promising.  With the recent update on December 19, 2017, and the Android requirement of 4.0.3and up, you can download Dead Trigger 2: First Person Zombie Shooter Game on the Google Play Store: Dead Trigger 2.

Hitman: Sniper

In the history of FPG games Hitman: Sniper is one of the most unique FPS Game. You are placed outside a building with a sniper rifle for your survival. Your mission is to find the targets and kill them without getting noticed and keeping your hideout secret. With over 150 missions, various blocked sniper rifles that you will have to unblock and some strange strategy elements which make it more exciting and built the interest level of a user to a next level. With the most recent update on January 3, 2018, current version 1.7.102079 and the Android requirement up to 4.1 and up, you can download Hitman: Sniper on Google Play Store: Hitman Sniper.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead a first-person shooter game, better call it an endless running game. In this game, all you need to do is keep moving as fast as you can, protect yourself by any means necessary to survive on the field. You will be provided with a different weapon as you start playing. The idea is simple: In a world overrun with Dead, you have survived But for how long. The goal of this is to survive as long as you can do. Though it’s not a typical FPS game yet it has all elements that take it to an upper level of joy. Available on Google Play Store: Into the Dead, with the last update on September 18, 2017, and the Android Requirement up to 4.1 and up. Download the game and start your run, let’s see how you long you can survive.

STOP! Here’s What You Should Know

You can enjoy all the above-listed games on your Android device may it be the cell-phone or tablet. But most of these games are restricted or not available on the Google Play Store. If you are living in a region where you cannot download your favorite game, then you should get the best Android VPN for unlimited access.

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