6 AdWords Mistakes That Lose Your Money: Digital Marketing

Over the years, the term internet marketing has transformed the lives of many marketers who have chosen to level up their business by opting for the online platform. For the marketers, it was a ‘dream come true’ when AdWords was integrated to promote their business online. While many strategies implemented online did work out for few marketers, few ideas weren’t that impactful and didn’t attract more readers. The most successful marketers rightly say – ‘Though AdWords is a vital tool, which can improve your website visibility, the success solely depends on the way it is implemented.’

Unfortunately, there are plenty of website owners who often commit a few common mistakes that lead to loss of money. Hence, to help you plan in a better way next time, we have formulated an expert guide that discusses the common mistakes that you should avoid to devise more successful strategies to attract customers.

Not Comprehending Your Quality Score

We all know the importance of quality score, which helps you determine the quality of the keywords and PPC ads. If you wish to attain a good quality score, then aim for 7 or more on a scale of 10. Always aim for a high score since it helps you reduce the overall budget of the campaign and improve the rankings too. Hence, do not ignore the quality score at any cost. If you ignore it and go ahead with a poorly framed keyword, you may end up losing more money and may get little or no clicks at all.

Implementing Broad Match Keyword

While finalizing the keywords by utilizing AdWords, try and search for the exact match keyword that complements your content idea. Avoid adding broad match keywords in your article because it may confuse the readers in deciphering your content topic. Additionally, it leads to too many irrelevant searches. It tends to reduce your CTR because of its appearance in too many irrelevant searches, which reduces the quality score of your content too. So, you must use the exact match for AdWords since it generates relevant results and gets you only genuine clicks.

Failing to Create A/B Testing Ads

Even the most successful digital marketing agency utilizes A/B Testing to test its ads and check which one is performing better. Unfortunately, most of us ignore A/B testing and just choose one ad copy to promote the content. Hence, if you wish to be successful in your strategy, then create up to two copies of the same ad and check the results. Finalize the one that appears to be more engaging for the users.

Not Tracking Conversions

One of the major mistakes that every marketer tends to do is just focusing on the clicks and not tracking conversions. If you have been doing the same, then it is time to change it before you lose more money. To measure the conversion rate on your website, you need to track how many people have visited your site, how many have clicked the signup button, how many lead conversions happened and so on. Hence, to measure the success of the ad campaign, it is important to track which strategy and which particular keyword is generating more sales.

Poor Ad Content

When you are investing so much amount in pay per click advertising, take out your valuable time to check the quality of the ad content you are about to publish. Publishing poor ad copies can lead to loss of more money and time as well. If you fail to frame proper and engaging sentences to attract customers and instead publish copies that are full of grammatical errors and poor sentence formation, it may lead to fewer ad clicks. Down the line, you will be clueless as to why your ad didn’t reach out to the masses in spite of investing money and time in creating the ad.

Directing Visitors to Your Homepage

Although you want the visitors to visit your website, directing them to your homepage can create more problems. It is important to create a dedicated landing page while creating ads. Add the call-to-action button at an appropriate location of your landing page so that you do not distract the visitors and direct them to the sales funnel.


It is not that simple to create a successful AdWords campaign. Creating proper ad campaigns can improve the traffic to your site and improve conversion rates, while creating poor ad copies may lead to a loss of money and visitors. Hence, avoid committing the mistakes at any cost and create AdWords campaign properly.