6 Video Ideas for Your Next IGTV Content

Long-form videos have never been friends with Instagram. The standard IG video post only allows 60-seconds and the maximum limit of IG Stories is 15 seconds. But that all changed when YouTube continues to dominate the video industry with its unlimited long-form format.

Instagram wanted a piece of that pie. So, they introduced Instagram TV in mid-2018 to compete with YouTube. Users now can upload videos up to 10 minutes, while more established ones can publish one-hour-long videos. 

Although it still has a long way to catch up with YouTube, Instagram TV offers a new way to create content on Instagram. And since video users will touch 1.9 billion people by the end of 2021, it’s definitely a good idea to create more video content.

If you’re still unsure what kind of IGTV video to make, keep scrolling to find new, awesome video ideas for your next IGTV content.  

Weekly tips

If you’re well known as a thought leader, then creating industry-related tips and tricks every week sounds like a wonderful idea. This way, the audience will tune in every week to hear what you have to say. 

Gary Vaynerchuck has done it successfully. As a well-known business owner, he consistently provides marketing and business tips on his IGTV channel. More amazingly, he doesn’t create IGTV content every week, he creates it every single day! 

Repurposed content

There’s no need to waste your money creating new videos if you still have video content stock to repurpose. It could be a snippet to your YouTube video, a compilation of customers’ testimony, or even an old TV commercial like what Tiffany & Co did.

The jewelry company understands very well that TV viewership has declined rapidly over the past few years due to online videos. That’s why they re-uploaded their TV commercials on their IGTV channel to attract viewers who probably never watch TV anymore.


In making any type of content, the first rule will always be to create something valuable. Content that’s useful and gives a real impact to the viewers. One such content is tutorial videos. Create videos that show people how to do or how to make something.

Tastemade has been doing a great job with its IGTV channel. The food and travel network consistently upload food and beverage recipe videos. The viewers then can replicate the recipes in their own homes. Heck, some people may visit this channel to find new business ideas. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call valuable content.

Funny videos

Everybody needs a good laugh every once in a while. Who doesn’t love funny videos? These kinds of videos can provoke emotions and make someone’s day. Take a page or two from Netflix’s IGTV content. 

The streaming service provider promoted one of its TV series, Riverdale, by posting a video of Cole Sprouse eating a burger for one hour. It was hilarious. People talked about it, helping Riverdale got more exposure and spotlight. 

Product demo

Before IGTV exists, posting in-depth videos about your product was nearly impossible because of the time limits. But now, you have 10 minutes to show the audience what makes your product or service stands out from the competitors.

Take a look at this product demo from Serhant Team, a real estate agency. In this 6 minutes long video, Serhant Team shows off one of its listings. Because the video is longer, they can show the beauty of the condo in great detail.


Inviting well-known and respected figures in your industry to your channel can definitely boost your views and engagement rate. Ask thought-provoking questions to spark exciting discussions with your guests as well as your audience in the comment section. If it’s successful, you can even turn this into a weekly show.

Although it’s not easy to invite successful people to be your guest, it’s worth trying for various reasons:

  • You can learn from someone else’s success and experience while creating content at the same time.
  • It will elevate your brand’s reputation and value having well-known people on your channel.
  • Your guests will most likely share the video on their own account as well, which means that their audience will be aware of your brand too.