Facebook is a way to connect with other people on the regular. What happens when the type of person trying to connect does it only to harass and belittle you, though? The website doesn’t tolerate this kind of behaviour, but the first line of defence from bullying is you- the user.

Address the offender

Sometimes words can do wonders to solve an issue. If you are one of many victims that know their bully in real life, you can try to contact them and set things straight. There’s no guarantee that it will work in this particular case, but a display of maturity can do wonders and gain you some respect.

You might be tempted to reply in the same manner that they speak to you, but this isn’t recommended if you want to solve anything. Stooping to their level won’t lead to a calm and reasonable conversation. Try to be calm and collected when you address them. Calmly ask the bully to stop their harassment. It might work.

Report the offence

Words aren’t always enough and if the bullying continues, it might be time for you to take action. Facebook tries to create a welcoming environment for their users and anyone that tries to hinder that is depriving them of potential members. Any offensive post or comment that is directed at you can and should be marked. Look into the “Report story or Spam” button for options.

Offensive chat messages are another thing to watch out for. If the bully is in your friends’ list, they might try to contact you in order to harass you directly. It’s also possible to report offensive messages to Facebook.

Unfriend them

For whatever reason, you might have the bully in your list of friends. Perhaps they weren’t always like this, or they didn’t interact with you on a regular basis before. Removing them is an important step for stopping any harassment. People that aren’t your friends can’t contact you via messages, nor can they tag you in their posts.
If you reported any of their posts, Facebook will show you a pop-up window that suggests that you unfriend them. If you wish to do it manually, simply hover over their profile in your friends’ list and you will have the option of unfriending them.

Change your privacy settings

Once the bully is no longer able to contact you, you should consider changing what is visible on your profile. A lot of people are bullied by individuals that aren’t even on their contact lists. The offenders simply skim through their profiles and find things to make fun of. There are a few things you can change.

Start off with only allowing friends to view your profile. This will make it easier to get rid of bullies if they show themselves, you simply unfriend them. Make it so that only friends can tag you on any posts. With these settings, it’s going to be difficult for anyone to harass you.

Take extreme measures

There is a degree of bullying that warrants some more drastic actions. If someone is harassing you daily and sending you threats, it might be wise to contact law enforcement. Things like racial taunts and major harassment are taken seriously. There is a real threat of that person harassing you outside of Facebook, as well.
Being bullied daily can take a toll on your psyche. They might have caused you mental suffering in the form of anxiety or panic. If someone persists with their attacks, you can file a suit for emotional distress. For filing a suit of this type, you might want to look into getting professional Personal injury attorneys, as they are experts in this field.

Leave Facebook

Social media is an essential part of spending time on the internet, but it doesn’t have to be if it’s harming you. If you feel unhappy while using the website, you can always disable your account. Sometimes events on the internet are outside of your control and halting further problems might be best.

Permanently deleting your account can be a hassle, so you might want to opt for disabling it first. That way, if you ever wish to return to your account, it will be exactly the way you left it.


Harassment and bullying have always been a problem when it came to human interaction. The internet has only made it easier for certain kinds of people to spread their hateful messages anonymously. You have to take measures to prevent this harassment from getting to you.

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