8 super easy ways to increase positivity at home

“Home is where the heart resides”

Couldn’t agree more! Home is not about a place, but it is a feeling, an emotion that can be felt by only those, who have a home. A home directly represents a positive environment because positivity is a crucial part when it comes to feeling a sense of security and warmth at home. This article will help you to know some super easy ways in which you can increase positivity at home.

1) Welcome Clear air

All of us experience good vibes when we spend time outdoors. It certainly reduces anxiety and lowers the blood pressure rates. Good ventilation promotes healthy living. Try to keep fresh air flowing inside your home by keeping the windows open whenever possible. If you are living around a place that is polluted, try using an air purifier to make the surroundings filled with happy and healthy air. That extra fresh air after a rainstorm is a treat in itself while also creates a positive space.

2) Invite nature touch

Surround yourself with a little nature touch. Adding even small elements can create a very large impact. Consider placing a bird feeder wherever large window is located. There is a large variety available in bird feeder with different sizes and designs. This will keep you close to nature and positivity. Spotting new birds and enjoying their beautiful song is what makes you feel close to the beauty of nature.

3) Focus on lights

The dark or poorly lit room makes everyone feel depressing and low. Check for artificial lights if the sunlight hardly enters the room. Making sure that room has sufficient lighting is necessary when you look for a home. Never be too forgetful or lazy to turn on lamps and overhead lights. Set an appropriate time of day to switch on lights when the room starts feeling dark. Living in a room that is bright and clean, makes you feel lively, awake and charged all the time.

4) Use Creativity

Creativity always leads to a better and positive state of mind. Similarly, a home filled with handmade art and craft work always gives a loving vibe. It is a known fact that children love doodling and painting, but displaying them at your home makes them feel extra special and happy. Try to make some unique DIY projects at home too. Nowadays, you can find several videos that help you create one by yourself easily.  You can also create motivational posters by using poster designing tools like Canva.

5) Clear the clutter

A cluttered home will always make you feel heavy or stuck. If your home space consists of dirt and dust, it will automatically lead to stagnation. Stagnation happens when the flow of energy is blocked. We all know a disorganized lifestyle makes us feel irritated while doing our daily activities.


On the other hand, cleaning helps you to think clearly and feel more organized. Removing the clutter and organizing your stuff will help you to feel more energetic and positive from the inside. Also, when there are some surprise visits made by your guests at any point of the day, your house looks welcoming and warm to them as well.

6) Splash some colors

Put some new and fresh colors in your room. By doing so, you will immediately feel a lot more lively and brighter. This one change is the easiest and affordable that can make a huge impact on your whole look of the room. Try changing pillow covers according to the color of the room. Selecting patterns can be tough at times but in the end, it would be worth it. Go with something fresh and unique. Use colors that are bright and fresh like Yellow, Green, and Red. Also filling your room with some amazing art pieces is also one good idea. You can choose a unique theme or even a randomly chosen pattern will do wonders for your walls.

7) Keep your pets happy

It is a well-known fact that a happy pet always keeps the home positive. Especially if you are an animal lover, you know how your perspective can change towards life when you have a pet by your side. Yes! By just loving your pet, you will feel a sense of completeness. The love that comes from pets is a bonus with those different gestures. You will feel like spending more time at home while pampering your pet. Pets keep you active and make you feel more lovable with time. Also, taking care of your pet brings a sense of responsibility within yourself.

8) Bring Singing Bowls or Bells

Most of you must be aware of the fact that sound has a healing power. Singing bowls and bells have different frequencies that stimulate your different kinds of chakras or energy. Not only that, did you know sounds can help you to harmonize and bring inner peace too? These sounds also help to keep your right and the left side of brain balanced leading to the reduction of stress and anxiety.

There are certainly many ways you can make your home feel more positive and warm. These were some really easy ways that you can start implementing today. I hope this article helped you to understand how you can increase positivity at home. In case of any doubt, do let us know through your comments below. Thank you!