8 Tips for Improving Your AdWords Quality Score

Quality Score is Google’s own way to check the Keyword quality which you have used in your website’s contents. If you run a website, you might be familiar with Google’s Keyword Management tool, AdWords. It is the best and highly used Keywords Research and management tool which comes with a lot of features. You can actually improve your website’s ranking using this AdWords tool.

If you don’t get the desired results with your own SEO, and decided to hire a PPC expert company to manage your Keywords and its impact on the Google Search Engine, you should know about the basic things first. In this article, we have enlisted the most effective tips to improve your AdWords Quality Score. Go through this list and get the desired results quickly.

Tips to improve AdWords Quality Score

  1. Check your AdWords Quality Score

The very first thing you need to check is your website’s current Quality Score. You need to understand whether you are working in the right direction with the Keywords or not. Your Keywords decide the future of your blog or website and its ranking on various Search Engines. For that reason first, you need to figure out and get your own AdWords Quality Score.

To check your AdWords Quality Score, go ahead and sign in to your Google AdWords Account. Click on to Keywords and then Columns. Select Customize Columns and then click on to the Qual. check option. This will show you the exact Quality Scores.

  • Narrow your AdGroups

Once you have checked your AdWords Quality Score, what you need to do is narrow down the AdGroups. Most PPC experts make one common mistake with their projects and I.e. having a single ad group for all the advertisements. The only problem with this strategy is to generate quality or we can say relevant keywords.

Instead of focusing on different AdGroups or only on one single group, you should go with multiple groups with the same Keyword. With limited Keywords within the AdGroup, you will be able to figure out what’s actually going on with the Keywords you are focusing.

  • Create a landing page for each Ad Group

Once you have created your own ad groups with relevant Keywords, what you need to do is create a separate landing page for each ad group. The process of creating a new landing page takes a lot of time, however, it is worth everything. You will get the desired results at the end.

When you spend some time with the landing pages for the Ad Groups, it will make the contents more relevant. The people who are interested in visiting the web pages will also be impressed with the monetization process of yours.

  • Place misspelled Keywords in their own ad groups

Targeting misspelled Keywords is one of the most effective strategies in order to improve AdWords Quality Scores. If you decide to use misspelled keywords, make sure you place them in the right ad groups which can make them relevant to the contents.

  • Split your advertisements

When it comes to PPC advertising, Split Test is a must. What you can do with this strategy is splitting your advertisements into the right groups. If you are receiving ineffective clicks on the Keywords, you will not get a good return on the clicks. To make your Clicks and the PPC high, you have to split your advertisements with targeted keywords. Always have two separate ads running, and you will get the desired results at the end.

  • Improve Site Load Time

Google always loves fast loading websites, and to receive good PPC you must focus on the site load time. If your site is not loading faster, try to work on it. Your first duty should be to improve the site load time. Users will definitely like to explore more web pages if your site load time is good. The more time they spend on your site, the more clicks you will receive on the targeted Keywords.

  • Place Keywords on the Landing Pages

If your focused Keywords are targeting one single page, you should place the Keywords on the appropriate landing page. This makes the page up out of all the other web pages. This helps your site to receive more visitors and clicks at the same time.

  • You can always contact Google

If none of the above-listed strategies are not working for you, you should not waste your time on it. What you can do is contact to Google immediately and their team will help you out to overcome the issues you are facing with your AdWords.