Many of us have grown up watching those amazing horses racing. In today’s generation, with the advancement of internet, we can watch them live in action on TVG, and the show remains as thrilling as ever. Whether a majestic white one or a golden brown tall and lean one, who wouldn’t want to own this beautiful animal. A horse is an asset that one can take pride in. However, owning a horse doesn’t come easy.

There are a lot of points that need to be considered while purchasing a pet horse.

Have a look below:

Buying pet horse

  • The first and foremost point that you need to consider is that there is a lot of commitment in terms of time, cost and energy that goes into owning a horse. Before you take this step, you must ask yourself this question that whether you are ready to dedicate enough time with your horse to take care of its needs, whether you are financially sound enough to invest sufficient amount for its various needs and whether you are committed enough to invest energy to pay heed to its requirements.


  • Decide what type of horse you want to purchase. Horses can vary in a number of ways. Decide your type. Some horses vary in terms of temperament. Some are simple wherein some can get very moody. Some need more schooling and training while some don’t. Before you decide your type, research on the kind of training and riding equipment you need to purchase.


  • Internet shopping can be very convenient, and people across the world are switching to it. But there are certain things you can’t purchase without seeing and touching. One can and should not buy a horse only on the basis of its pictures or promises by dealers. Visit the horse that you want to buy a couple of times to have a clear idea of whether it is worth investing money.


  • Consider and assess the amount of money you will have to expend annually, monthly, weekly and daily. At the minimum, you will have to provide it with food, accommodation, water, and medication. Apart from the basics, you will have to see a vet on a regular basis, get the prescribed vaccinations, deworm it frequently and take good care during a change of seasons. All this adds up to a significant amount, so assess it well in advance.  


  • Horses need at least an acre of free land to roam, exercise and move freely. Unless you have the required free space, it is recommended not to go for an animal as huge as a horse. Getting a horse and tying it in the backyard will not make any sense. Also, ensure you arrange for the right kind of accommodation that is well lit, well ventilated and free of insects. The space for accommodation is very crucial.

The list above is not exhaustive, and there are other factors that you must consider such as providing your pet horse with companionship, taking care of its food requirements, checking horse history and, having the right documents. A few points of consideration and you are good to go!

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