Adding Instagram to WordPress: How Can You Do It

It is estimated that Instagram has more than 1 billion users and it is growing rapidly with each passing day. Instagram is one of the best platforms for all your marketing campaigns and you cannot overlook this benefit at any cost. Instagram provides an opportunity to increase brand awareness because almost 80% of customers tend to follow their favorite businesses on Instagram. Good news that all the businesses should know is that it is extremely easy to add Instagram feeds to the WordPress sites. This helps in enabling the users of this platform to find your business website, which is also going to boost the rates of conversion in the long run. It is also one of the best ways in which you can make your customers get interested in the brand.

Instagram and WordPress 

Instagram is one of the most popular video and photo sharing platform that is being used by almost all the individuals as well as businesses. All the visual Industries like the makeup and fashion outlets, producers of furniture, and the travel agencies, are definitely going to benefit from this. The personal bloggers are also finding value in this amazing platform, especially if they are interested to generate traffic for the contents that they post. The best thing is that now the businesses can integrate their Instagram accounts with the WordPress account that they have in a variety of ways. A popular approach that can be considered is adding the Instagram feed to the WordPress website.

Advantages that are associated with adding the Instagram feed to the WordPress site 

Essentially, the Instagram feed will be displaying all the latest photographs that are uploaded on your Instagram account, directly on the WordPress website. The primary and most important benefit of incorporating the feed is that it will aid in the exposure of your brand. However, there are other important benefits that are associated as well.

By updating the Instagram feed on a regular basis with shareable and enticing images, complemented with an array of searchable hashtags, you have the option of keeping the engagement level high. It will also become easier for you to develop an amazing relationship with your customer base.

Lastly, an engaging Instagram feed is highly responsible for allowing your business to establish a great sense of faith and trust with the entire customer base. If you are updating the Instagram feed regularly, you will be able to demonstrate that the company is innovative, relevant, and is capable of responding to all the latest trends.

Ways of embedding the Instagram feed to the WordPress site

It is possible to embed the individual pictures or the videos of Instagram manually in a simple manner. However, this same thing cannot be said if you want to embed the complete Instagram feed. The most efficient and quick method of doing this is with the help of the dedicated WordPress Instagram plugins.

However, you also need to know that if the approach of the plug-in is not suitable; third-party services are also available. It completely depends on you as to what method you want to select. A number of reputed businesses visit websites like for getting real likes.

If you are interested in embedding the Instagram feed with the help of plugins, you can consider the following plugins that have been mentioned below.

Feed Them Social

This plug-in not only allows you to incorporate the Instagram feed but you also have the option of incorporating feeds from the various other social media platforms that include Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and this can be done easily. You also have the option of adding a button in order to allow the customers to view the complete gallery of your Instagram account directly from the business website.

This plug-in is extremely famous because of the intuitive interface that it has. It adjusts the width of the Instagram feed along with the spacing that is present between the images. You also have the option of specifying the total columns that are already present in your entire feed.

The plug-in is available for free and if you want you can also pay an extra amount and upgrade to the premium version, which is available. This is known to provide a number of advanced features like the pop-up display as well as infinite scrolling. You can get the premium version of this plug-in from $50.

Custom Instagram Feed significant use of social media

This plug-in will provide a complete control of the manner in which the Instagram feed will be displayed. You will be able to arrange your photographs in according to the order that you want, set up the background color, include the follow button, and do a number of other things.

This plug-in allows you to display photographs from a number of other Instagram accounts in an easy and hassle-free manner. This is extremely useful especially if you are having separate accounts for the different extensions of the brand, which you are interested in combining into one feed.

This plug-in is available for free and if you want you can get the premium version for $29 annually. The premium version will allow you to add the captions, videos, lightboxes and a number of other interesting features.

Enjoy Instagram Feed

This is a plug-in that is not as rich in the features as compared to the various other plugins that are there. However, this definitely provides an easy and quick way of customizing the entire feed for matching the aesthetic that you have. The plug-in consists of transition effects and allows you to add the Instagram images to the sidebar. You also have the option of adjusting the speed of transition as well as the interval rate of the feed carousels.

You can go for the free or premium version as per the needs that you have. The premium version has certain other features like visualization capabilities of videos, album layouts, and the ability to add the custom shortcode.


In order to make it easier for your customers to locate you, the best thing that you can do is integrate your Instagram feed with your business website.