Alienware Slims Down Its Gaming Laptop Design With The New M15

The Dell got a sub-brand in making the best gaming laptops popular in the masses due to its best performance on high-resolution gaming. The experience is at the next level as I was so curious about seeing that level. It triggered my mind to search the market for the slim and sleek design in Alienware. And look what I found for experiencing the high-resolution game like God Of War. You would not believe that from any other gaming console I enjoyed the game on this piece of beauty.

After having an experience, the idea came in my mind that I should review the laptop to share the information about this top gaming laptop in detail. I am pretty sure that you would love the read. Stay tuned and keep reading the real stuff to know this gaming giant in depth.

Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop

The company tried a lot to produce a thin laptop for an incredible gaming experience. But you know very well that in the recent past Alienware 7 r17 and r15 could not produce the design attraction due to its bulky looking shape. With the new M15, you would be amazed to hear the 0.83 inches’ thin body and high performing gaming machine could launch ever. Let us discuss some of the features, specs and performance aspects of this top gaming laptop.

Specs And Features

This is the part where hard tasks doing hardware should be pushed. And the same happened to this one on the post. The growing pace of the laptop is saying that now the Alienware is serious to beat its competitors on the market. Especially by using the aesthetic of design Alienware could make it possible to knock out the other big names.
The laptop is coming in 0.83-inch thin body. In fact, you make a comparison with the other releases like the previous M15 this one is around twenty percent shrink in body size and look.
It is coming with 15-inch screen size with weighing capacity of 4.76-pound. The screen resolution is high as the laptop is made for gaming purpose. It is giving the measure of 1920 x 1080 pixel per inch. The best setting for the smooth flow of gameplay is 1080p where you would not feel any interruption and distraction. So to get a perfect gaming experience you should keep in mind that the pixel setup should be on 1080p.
The inside strong pixel pushing hardware on this top gaming laptop is unique. You would be excited to know that the laptop is built around 8th-generation Core i5 quad-core or Core i7 six-core processors and MaxQ graphics cards in GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060, or GTX 1070.
Looking at the specs one can easily get the idea of the performance it is offering on the gameplay experience. It is one of the amazing features that you would be able to modify the setup of your gaming machine. Now you have the liberty to add latest desktop cards. The Graphics Amplifier eGPU enclosure is the best option to opt for enhancing the extra power.

Performance And Value

With such an outstanding combination of hardware support around 8th generation quad-core processor chips, the performance rises to the top. Your gaming experience would shift to the next level with 1080 pixels of graphics resolution. The value increases with the performance. And this is the reason that now the company is trending to peak. It is the first ever slim addition to the gaming laptops.
I am personally impressed with the overall presentation of such a wonderful gaming machine in a sleek and attractive body by Alienware.


Gaming geeks are always asking for the better choice, it’s not because of the poor performance of the other gaming consoles and machine. In fact, it leads to the chassis and sleek design with attraction and quality. Alienware could deliver the taste with the aesthetics of the slim design. The masses around in gaming industry give a priority to the slime and lightweight gaming machines. I would recommend this one for mid-level gaming junkies. This one is extremely outstanding with incredible performance on newly released high graphics resolution games. We tested it for 4k video streaming and the results are positive and appealing to get it instantly.