Apple is a popular multinational company which has in its name a series of successful products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watches are experts in developing software, has brought a complete change in the whole industry and the perception of people towards technology. Apple started its business in 1976 with developing computers, the company has never looked back since then and is prominent in sectors like music, computers, phones etc. Thanks to Steve Jobs for his vision for the company. When it started it was meant for the geeks but commoners as well.

Apple Watches are everyone’s heart’s desire. Apple Watch is the latest addition to the Apple line of products and services. It is a smartwatch with the benefits of health and fitness. The phone comes with some cool features make your life easy like syncing your favorite photos from your iPhone or Mac and many more.

Apple Watch took the techno junkies by a storm with the launch of series 1. Series 1 was the world’s best smartwatch so much so that it outsold Amazon Echo. Apple has sold 8 million watches at the end of the last quarter of 2017. The internet is all with the success story of Apple watches and the credit goes to the brilliant fitness tracking feature. The company is proud to say it as the USP of the company. These watches claim that it can help people can have healthier lives by letting them track their daily physical activity by using built-in sensors. They give you information like steps taken, heart rate, weather, exercise details and more. The heart-rate sensor uses infrared and visible-light LED and photodiodes.

Things to know about Apple Watches

For the Apple watch to function, you will need an iPhone 5 or above. The user interface is so innovative that it incorporates and interacts through touch, sound, and sight.

Apple Watch gives you the convenience of getting SMS, notifications, answering calls, fitness tracker, directions, work out tracker, appointments, playing music, monitoring your heart rate, Siri commands, tells time, displays tickets and boarding passes etc but ups the game by giving you a lot of customizable features.

The shape and functions of each watch are more or less be the same across all the series. But there will be a choice in terms of colors, sizes, metal and a plethora of watchbands – some posh and stylish and others just practical and functional. There will be 3 models available: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch edition. Watch comprises of stainless steel metal that is available in black or polished with a sapphire crystal front dial. Watch Sport collection features cases made of 7000 series aluminum or space gray. Watch Edition is made up of 18 Carat Rose Gold or Yellow with Sapphire Crystal Dial.

The new ruler in the market – Apple Watch Series 3!

The Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 are officially discontinued. Being the most popular watch in the world, Apple launched its version 3.

All New Design – Apple Series 3 comes in two variants – 38mm and 42 mm casings, in plain old GPS or a GPS/LTE version. The red dot indicates cellular 4G functionality. If you are looking at the size, series 3 is the smallest watch you can find. It is swim-proof and cheaper if you struggle to go for the higher version. Series 3 is available in 3 colors – black, silver, space grey aluminum finish. 

Health Monitor – Get heart rate with the improved heart rate sensor. It provides you alerts in case of the unusually high or low rate is detected.  Emergency SOS option helps you to make an immediate call for assistance. Use the breath app to manage your everyday stress levels along with other health apps available at your disposal.

Workout Buddy – The watch now has advanced features for your daily exercise regime, yoga, swimming, cycling. Options like cadence and pace alerts for runners.

 Self Motivation Tracker – Track your personal goals like monthly challenges, activity sharing, achievement awards. Work on your to-do while on the go!

Battery and Setup– While the look of the watch did not change, but Apple made considerable changes in the inside. Powering Apple watch 3 to be the third-generation dual-core watch processor. With this launch, it enabled Apple to create smoother graphics and built-in speakers which helped in talking to Siri easier.

Setup is as simple. Open the watch app on your iPhone (version 5 or above) and follow the screen instructions. You will be allowed to use the same phone number as the SIM that is paired to your iPhone.

Music on the go – Apple helps stream millions of songs while on the go if you have the 4G version of the watch without even using your iPhone. It is quite useful while in the gym or on your run without worrying If you have synced the song to your watch.

Where do I buy my Apple Watch at the best price?

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