Are brick and mortar casinos likely to go extinct in the next 20 years?

Not too long ago, the concept that brick and mortar ‘traditional’ casinos could shut and not reopen ever again would not have even been considered. Everyone loves casino games, they’re famous, they’re something that people want to do on special occasions and on holiday. They’re iconic. 

Yet they might also be going extinct.

There are a variety of reasons to think this, and although it is not possible to state for sure whether they’ll still be around in twenty years, they’ll certainly have their job cut out for them.

Internet Casinos

Among the major issues that conventional casinos have had to cope with will be the online casinos. This wasn’t something that was actually considered directly at that start because there was no such thing as the internet in the 1960s (or at least, not a version that would be in everyone’s homes and that could host online casinos) when the casinos actually began to get well used and well loved. Nevertheless, in the 21st century the fact is it’s much simpler, less expensive, and handy to enjoy the slots, blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, or whatever else you want to play online rather than in a traditional casino. 

Rather than frequently going to a casino, gamblers are a lot more apt to save this for a treat, such as a birthday or other special occasion. For their easy and quick gaming fix, going on the internet is a far better choice – they are able to get it done anytime they need. 

Mobile Apps

Like online casinos did not make it difficult enough for the standard casinos to continue well into the long term, mobile gaming apps have triggered lots more issues. Not merely would the video games that folks want to play in casinos now be offered in their own homes, thanks to mobile gaming all those exact same activities will have been readily available outside of the house too – on the daily commute, at lunchtime, on vacation, in the bath, in bed… wherever you are or what you are engaging in, your personal private online casino is just a few swipes away. 

The Glamour and Glitz

Something that physical casinos are renowned for is the glitz and glamour associated with gambling. These buildings are extravagant, they’re gorgeous, they’re opulent and rich. They’re the sorts of sites that the well to do go to, and also where money can feel as though it is no object. 

Once again, for the ‘normal’ individuals of the planet, that implies that a real casino is a treat, a thing to save up for, going solely for special events. That thinking costs the casinos a great deal of cash. In the past, when a lot of folks went there and played and invested money, that wasn’t an issue – the casinos made profits. Right now, with fewer people going, a standard casino’s very way of working might be its downfall; the price is simply way too high.

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