Are Gaming Laptops Replacing PC?

Gaming laptop has become a thing now and lots of gamers are ditching their PC for some good gaming laptops. But, is it going to happen to all of the gamers? And, are gaming laptops capable enough to replace PC? Well, that’s a tough question.
That’s what we will be trying to know here. This can be only donned by comparing several factors between a PC and a Gaming Laptop.

But first just to make it clear. Why even compare a gaming laptop to a PC? Because gone are the days when gaming laptops used to be bulky, noisy and had very low battery life. Modern-day tech is able to make sleek, stylish, lightweight and overall good performing gaming laptops.

This is the reason gaming laptops are making space for themselves and many people are shifting towards them. We’ll be comparing several factors and components on both sides. By doing so, we’d better understand if gaming laptops are replacing PC or not.


Now, a gaming laptop is all about gaming. Isn’t it? And gaming requires high-performance components. Among these components, the GPU is on the top. If you have a good GPU on your laptop then you can call it the best gaming laptop. Otherwise, it’s of no use.

So which GPU is better? One inside a laptop or that of a PC.

It’s very simple. GPU’s inside a laptop is sleek because you always need a smart and stylish laptop so that it becomes portable. This makes it slower. A graphics card of same model and specs inside a laptop will perform at a 30 to 40% lower gap than that of a PC. GPU manufacturers like AMD and NVIDIA said this themselves that their laptop version GPU performs lower than that of a PC. This is quite simple because the smaller the component get the lesser the power you can give as input and ultimately there is a loss of performance.

So the conclusion is that PC wins at GPU.

2. CPU

Whatever happens with GPU, happens with CPU. There is a gap in performance. But in the case of CPU, it’s not a bigger one. There are some gaming laptops which very easily beat processors of PC but these gaming laptops come at a very higher price.
But there is a drawback. And it is modularity. You can easily go and change your PC CPU. But in laptops, it mostly comes attached to the board. So are you going to replace the whole board just to add anew CPU? Not at all.

So, in the case of CPU, we cannot call it a tie but surly gaming laptops can replace PC here.

3. Sound

A few years back laptop speaks were not so good. But now you can get anything you want. Even in some laptops, you get such an amazing bass that you can’t differentiate if these are built-in laptops speaks or a separate set of speakers.

So sound is not going to be an issue if you replace your PC with a gaming laptop. But we also just can’t call gaming laptop the winner here. Because if we compare it to a PC where you have connected separate units for sound, those are always better performing than a laptop.

4. RAM

Like other components, RAM is an important one too. Talking about the performance, it is the same at both laptops and PC. A 32 GB RAM will perform same in both PC and laptop. The main thing here is modularity. In PCs, it is very easy to swap your RAM. But when it comes to laptops, it mostly involves opening up the whole back case. This means unscrewing all the screws and putting some scratches there. Which is definitely not a good idea. Again, there is no winner. It is a TIE.

5. Keyboard

Next up is the keyboard. Gaming is nothing without a good keyboard. And among all keyboards, a mechanical keyboard is what gamers love.
Now the thing here is that for PC you would need to buy a separate mechanical keyboard. While on the other side in gaming laptops you get amazingly good keyboards which are not mechanical but they perform almost the same as mechanical ones. And, you even get a mechanical laptop in some gaming laptops. So, laptops easily win here over PC.

6. Portability

Last here is portability. This topic is not complete without talking about portability. Because a laptop is all about portability. This is why a gaming laptop is an even considered.
So laptops easily win here. Gaming laptops are portable you can take them anywhere and play games anywhere from your bed or sitting on a couch.


Now let’s jump to the conclusion. Can gaming laptops replace the PC? The answer is YES BUT NO. Up to an extent, one can say that yes. Because they deliver what you need. You get good graphics power and a nice display and all that. You get to play almost all games.
But PCs are still on the top when compared head to head. One cannot deny that PCs are more powerful than gaming laptops. And they are best at most of the things including performance and experience.


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