Best ways to identify bad backlinks that kill your rankings

Backlinks are the links that bring traffic to your website from different sources. The backlinks should be created by doing comments on the blog post related to your niche, sharing content on different websites also a way of creating a website. Backlinks bring visitors to the specific page of your website, which helps you to boost your business.

It improves the ranking of your website if the quality of the backlinks is good. Simultaneously, if the quality of the links is bad, then it will affect adversely on the ranking of your website.

Different Types of Backlinks


Bad links are those links, which comes from the websites who have low PA and DA score. These sources are also redirected from unidentified and irrelevant websites. The various types of sources for bad backlinks which are as follows:-

  • Bad links from Link Networks
  • Sitewide Links
  • Backlinks from Blog Comments
  • Directory Links
  • Anchor Texts Links

If you want to get rid of backlinks from any sources, then connect with the best SEO agency in DelhiThey know the best way to practice SEO. Bad backlinks ruin your energy, money, and time.

What is the process to identify bad backlinks and remove them with immediate effect?


Today I discuss the procedure to identify bad backlinks for your website. If you want to identify bad backlinks manually, then it takes lots of time. So, you need to shortlist some tools to configure all bad backlinks from all the sources.

First of all, you need to compile all links with the help of any tool. To fetch all the data, enter the address of your website then click on the search button. The second step is you should check the spam score of every website, from where you getting backlinks. Thirdly, you should remove the bad links for the betterment of your website. Fourthly, send a removal request to the webmaster of the respective websites. If they delay responding to your request then you have to send them another email for reminding them. After that, you need to make a list of links that disavow your website.

How to the success of SEO depends on the working of backlinks?


When we practice organic SEO, then the role of backlinks is very much important. Because, through this, you bring enormous traffic to your website, without backlinks you can’t complete the process of SEO. It improves the domain and page authority of the website. If you want to rank your website on different search engines, then high-quality backlinks are on your priority list.

How can you find a digital marketing agency in NCR?

It is very easy to find a digital marketing company in NCR because hundreds of agencies are available in different sources. The team of experienced PPC Services Company in Delhi supports you in creating high-end backlinks from genuine and authentic websites. Their assistance makes you happy and more successful, but also compares the package price before finalizing any agency.

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