Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 vs. Battlefield V — Royal Battle

The traditional fall showdown between Call of Duty and Battlefield this year seems particularly intriguing. And in Call of Duty 4, and in Battlefield are enough innovations and besides the appearance of their own “Royal Battle”. We decided to compare both games so you could imagine what to expect and decide on your favorite.

Single Campaign

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 this year’s story campaign will not be at all. And this is quite surprising for the series, which has always been famous for its staged, scripted, but always so bright and in a good way insane scenarios. The traditional Zombie regime will have to take the rap, which will, therefore, become more ambitious – as many as three campaigns will be immediately available. The action of one of them will unfold in the gladiatorial arena, where you can only use melee weapons, in the other we have to fight against the zombies in the famous prison, and the Voyage of Despair campaign will offer to survive on board the Titanic.

In any case, the developers obviously make a big bet on the zombie mode and even talk about restarting: we are waiting for a new four of heroes and a new story that has nothing to do with other parts of Call of Duty and “will last for many years.” And the authors will support it with new content. By the way, to pass the cards are now allowed in single player mode – the roles of the three other comrades will be performed by the bots.

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield vs

Each of the four new characters will have their own skills and techniques.

Battlefield V

The fifth “battle”, as you know, will again be about World War II we will see separate “Military Stories” dedicated to different heroes. And this time they really promise to be very colorful – they will allow us to play also for women and Nazis. So, there will be a story about a girl from the resistance who fights against the fascists in occupied Norway, trying to save her own family. She will have to fight not only with the enemies but also with the harsh climate and even ski. In another mini-campaign, the main character will be the British criminal, who seems to have been released from prison to use his criminal talents in the Nazi rear in North Africa.

Moreover, with one of the first DLC, the story of a German soldier will appear, who, in his Tigre, was cut off from the rest of the army. Naturally, he begins to gradually become disillusioned with the ideology of Hitler.

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield v

I wonder if there will be a story about a Soviet soldier in Military Stories.

Traditional multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The game will have all the classic network modes, such as “Team Fight” and “Find and Destroy”, but a new version will appear, called “Control”, where players need to defend and storm two targets in turn. Each team has a limited life limit (25), and a victory is awarded based on the results of three rounds.

But the main thing is that there will be very tangible changes in the gameplay itself. First of all, the automatic regeneration of health will disappear – in order to patch up the wounds, you will not have to sit in the corner, but use a first aid kit. And this, of course, takes a couple of seconds, during which you are completely defenseless. In this regard, according to impressions of the beta test, all the fighters made a little more tenacious. And among the unique skills of specialists (there will be 10 of them at the start), such ones appear that block the possibility of treatment to the chosen opponent.

Secondly, the “fog of war” will appear – on the mini-map you will see only those enemies that your comrades see. And if between you some obstacles and walls, then you will not see it. Thirdly, in Black Ops 4 there will be no jetpacks and races on the walls – the battles take place exclusively on the ground.

All this makes the fights less chaotic: less crazy instant deaths from a wall that ran somewhere behind you or jumping through the air, slightly less dynamic, more thought, positional attacks, tactics, and teamwork. Fortunately, many of the skills of specialists are focused precisely on helping allies and working together – installing barbed wire in narrow aisles, deploying fortified shields, full scanning of a map, and so on. Moreover, such unique abilities are recharged for a long time, they can be used once or twice per match, so they should be used wisely.

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield vs korolevskaya

The authors of Black Ops 4 especially emphasize the emphasis on tactical gameplay and the importance of the right choice, positioning in online battles.

In this section, Black Ops 4 even enters the territory of somewhere Rainbox Six siege– although this, of course, is by no means, direct competitors. You will continue to famously run through the cards and participate in quick fights, just their pace will be more realistic.

Battlefield V

In Battlefield V there will also be a lot of new things – and it’s not only and not so much about the appearance of female characters. As beta testing has shown, in the heat of the battle, you are the last thing to pay attention to the gender and appearance of the enemy who has fired at you.

It is much more important that the authors, for example, qualitatively develop the ideas of the “Operation” mode from Battlefield 1. Now the battles will go on for several (up to four) game days, offering to consistently solve different tasks and actually participate in different modes. For example, on the first day, you constantly parachute from an airplane and storm enemy fortifications, on the second day you are trying to gain a foothold on the front line in the “Breakthrough”. At the same time, the game remembers all changes and destructions on the cards and transfers them to the next day. It looks really strong and epic, especially considering the chic level design – well, in any case, judging by the Polar Fjord map, which was available in beta.

Naturally, all classic modes will be available separately. The first few months after the release will have to fight in France, Africa, and Holland. This will be the first chapter of the so-called “War Turn”. At the beginning of next year, the action will move to the Greek front, and so on – the authors claim that the new content will be added continuously and free of charge as part of the “Progress of War”.

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield vs korolevskaya_bitva

All weapons are divided into two conditional categories on the complexity of possession, while each “trunk” will have its own shooting mechanic.

In the gameplay, too, promised a lot of innovations – here and the ability to drag off the wounded, and even more destructible environment, allowing even to kill enemies with debris and shrapnel, and spectacular jumps through crashing windows, and new movements when, for example, you lie on your back and shoot back. Plus, a new system of rapid resurrection, as well as detailed customization of weapons, equipment, and fighters.

However, during the beta test, some new mechanics did not work or worked limitedly. It is clear why the release was eventually postponed to November – the developers obviously need time to add and how to polish everything they had in mind.

In any case, already in “beta”, it is noticeable that in Battlefield V, as in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, an even greater emphasis was placed on team interaction. The lack of ammunition will make it coordinated with the squad comrades in order to adjust the supply. Moreover, to enter the battle in proud loneliness simply will not be allowed – it is necessary to join the squad.

A special role will be played by the possibility of building various fortifications – trenches, anti-tank hedgehogs, sandbags, wire keys, and so on. These are really very important things that significantly affect what is happening and can be the key to victory.

Also, the authors, apparently, decided to somewhat blur the boundaries between the usual classes – now, for example, everyone can use the first-aid kits and repair the equipment (just the orderly heals and raises the fighters more efficiently).

call of duty black

Manage aircraft in Battlefield V seems to be easier than before.

Royal Battle of

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Rumor has it that because of the appearance of their own “Royal Battle”, the authors of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 decided to abandon the full-fledged single-player campaign. And, apparently, they were right. Anyone who has tried the Blackout mode, almost unanimously say that it will be such a high-budget, improved and enhanced AAA version of its competitors – with nice shooting physics, precise hit registration, a normal interface, the ability to modify weapons on the fly with different body kits and play for Viktor Reznov (well, or other acquaintances from previous heroes).

Especially for Blackout, the authors created the largest map in the history of the series. It, however, was blinded largely from pieces familiar to fans of a series of locations, but at the same time, they were creatively and thematically processed.

On this huge map, they will be allowed to move in transport (for example, on an ATV or truck), whose control is extremely pleasing. In addition to ammunition, weapons, and gadgets (such as hook-cats), players will also be able to raise “perks”, which allow you to activate some unique skill – say, to make your moves silent. There will be blackouts and zombies – they guard especially valuable equipment.

In the future, the authors promise to fully support and develop Blackout and even supplement it with new modes.

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield

Surviving in Blackout in a team is much more efficient.

Battlefield v

In the new game DICE and EA “Royal Battle” will also be, but less ambitious (up to 64 people against 80-100) and not immediately. Firestorm mode will add after the release – here 16 teams of 4 people on the largest (again) in the history of the series map will fight each other for the right to remain the last survivors. A gradually tapering ring on the map is quite tangible at the same time – it is fiery.

Zombakov we will not see, but there will be goals, like those that are in the classic “Capture”, control over which will also allow you to get more rare and high-quality equipment. In addition, in the best traditions of the Battlefield game, we are waiting for different types of technology, as well as a destructible environment, which is not in Blackout. Whether there will be any more original “chips” is still unclear, but the authors claim that the Firestorm is designed in the spirit of Battlefield and therefore is truly different from other “grand pianos.”

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield

The results of matches in the Firestorm will affect the overall progress in Battlefield V.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Judging by the beta version, in the classic multiplayer Black Ops 4 looks nice, bright, spectacular, but, as they say, without fanaticism. But in the “Battle of the King”, it is noticeable that the engine is not very well adapted to handle such large cards – the grass and the environment, in general, look rather poor. And, as we have said, there is no complete physics of destruction.

call of duty black ops 4 vs battlefield vs korolevskaya destruction

In fact, Black Ops 4 is also a very nice game, which, as the authors assert, has been specially optimized for the PC.

Battlefield v

Here at DICE, the traditional ace in the sleeve is the clever Frostbite engine. With all the consequences – a very cool and detailed physical model, an almost photo-realistic picture, spectacular explosions, houses crashing and so on and so forth.

And this time the game also supports ray tracing technology (ray tracing in real time). Only happy owners of the most fashionable graphics cards will be able to NVIDIArate it. When using this technology, the lighting looks more realistic and richer.

call of duty black ops

Here it seems that the tracing was exactly applied!


As you can see, each game has its own arguments, its own pros, and cons. In Battlefield, there is a story campaign, but in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 you can fight zombies aboard the Titanic, and there is a suspicion that it will be much more interesting. In Black Ops 4 “Royal Battle” will be released simultaneously with the release, but the Firestorm, it seems, will bring something really new in this genre. The fifth “battle” – the game is more beautiful and technologically sophisticated, with lots of equipment and buildings collapsing after your shots. But Black ops 4 is more dynamic and, so to speak, affordable.

But in any case, it is gratifying that the authors of both projects do not stand still, develop, come up with new elements and are not afraid of changes in mechanics, focusing on teamwork. So no matter who you would give primacy in this eternal confrontation, get ready for the fact that one in these fields is rarely a warrior. If you are, of course, not a born “camper”, which even changes in mechanics will not force to put aside the right sniper rifle …