Can Technology Help in Saving You From the Atrocities of Life?

The world we live in is beautiful beyond belief, yet it encompasses unimaginable misfortunes. 

The world we live in caters to our every possible need, yet it takes away far too much from us.

The world we live in has philanthropists, yet sociopaths also reside here. 

The world we live in can be as exquisite as it can be savage.

You might think I am cynic, the glass half full kind, but I would say that I am realistic. I look at things as they are. I do not believe in painting the prettier picture when the ugly side is blatantly staring at me.

Do not think that I do not love my life, because I do, yet I do not get so involved in it to miss the signs of danger. 

By danger, the criminal tendencies of people who can take your life and your family.

That is why I said that our world could be as mesmerising as it can be brutalising.

Protection against Crimes

The number of break-ins in the UK is a number that nobody wants to believe accurate, especially households with children.

In Britain, the proportion of both parents working is far higher than one staying at home. So, to imagine a scenario where your children are home, and there is a robbery, and you cannot be there to protect them is something parents do every day.

How do you protect your family when you are not around?

The answer lies in a fortified room within your home; this is a room that is gaining immense popularity because of its protective walls.

This is a room that no one can break into, except when granted entrance. 

This is a room that can become your haven, when your home is breached by the unknown.

This is a room that allows you to wait for the police to arrive without being detected by the intruders.

This is a room that can take on an earthquake and a tornado. Still, it stands as a whole as before the natural calamity.

All of this has been achieved by the means technology has provided humans. People are taking advantage of the same and making the world less frightful and more appealing.

How does it Work?

Technology is the driving force behind this protective gear. 

Some people get a panic room installed right when they build their homes, while some get the same built-in after the house is already constructed.

Converting a walk-in closet or an extra bathroom into a panic room is being done by people all across the UK.

  • This room would never have the dry walls we have in our homes. Its walls are built using almost solid materials. The thickness of the walls is more than double the standard walls.
  • The locks on the door of the safe rooms are impenetrable without the right passcode. Drilling holes into it or picking it is not possible.
  • The panic rooms also have the monitors for all the surveillance cameras to your home so that you can detect the activities of the intruders and even identify them.
  • The room has access to a telephone line that will allow you to make the 999 phone call that will help the police officials and ask for help.
  • The panic rooms are also installed with necessities like food and water. In some cases, even a toilet seat. This helps if you have to wait for a long time for help.

The scale of the safety that these rooms provide can be understood through a movie. “Panic Room” is a Hollywood movie about a mother and her daughter and how the room helped them to secure themselves when the worst happened.

You can also decide what you may or may not need for the room, depending on your budget. A panic room can also be installed by getting doorstep loans.

An Example Found in WWII

An example of the fortified room can be found in our history as well. For this, we would have to go back to the 20th century when World War II was at its peak.

You must know that there were many airstrikes in Britain and Germany during the war. The warning of the blaring alarm that indicated an imminent strike had become a part of people’s lives. 

To save themselves from the air bombs, people had made underground bunkers using concrete that was so thick that a bomb would have to strike on it to destroy it repeatedly.

In the atrocities of war, these bunkers were the safe rooms for people, who would rush into them as room as the alarm would go off. The chances of the survival of anyone who was left behind were slim.

The airstrikes destroyed cities upon cities, yet the people inside the bunkers, the modern-day panic rooms remained at least physically unharmed. 

Today, with technology, the same bunker is being installed in people housed and feels secure inside it.

Winding Up

If the safe rooms could protect us at a time that was the most heart-wrenchingly cruel; 

If the safe rooms could protect us from the air bombings that are most definitely fatal;

It can certainly protect us from the trespassers and burglars, who may become inclined to take our lives if we stand in their way. 

The high-tech panic rooms can comfortably accommodate our state of panic and save us from a fate that is both unwanted and undeserved, all because of technology.

So what if we have to take those door-to-door loans to make that happen? Life is always going to be more critical than being debt-free.

When technology wants to help you, you should let it do its job.


Technology is the innovation of the human mind that has both been a blessing and a curse. However, when you put both on a scale, you would find that the blessing weighs much more. Here is one such benefit of technology.