We use different types of devices to record videos or capture pictures and even to watch them. Different devices use different types of format to save the file. That is why; we seldom look for the best online converter to use the files. Sometimes documents like PDF or others also need to be converted to the supported file type to get access to them.

Did you ever give a thought of converting a video file to images? You may have but also dropped the idea due to the unavailability of the proper sources. With the help of a file converter, you can easily do the same and even create a GIF out of a video.

Important Features of Online Converter

Nowadays, you don’t need to worry about the supported file type. Whatever the device you may be using, with the help of the converters, you can easily convert the file format of the subject to your preferred one. Here are some important features of file converters:-


  • Get multiple choices: – Most of the online file converter provides you with the option to select from a wide range of file formats. Be it for images or documents or videos etc, you will get all kind of choices to use.
  • Saves Time: – Earlier to use an unspecified file, we need to install the required application for the conversion. Now, it has become very simple and requires a few simple steps for the same. Just open the online converter and select the type of converter you wish to use. There is no need to install different converters for different files.
  • Free of cost: – Many premium file converters requires registration. However, now you can select from a plethora of free converter available. You just need to pick the best and reliable source to do the same.
  • Easy to share: – In our daily life, we need to send many documents to others. The receiver may not have the supported application of the documents you are sending. But there is nothing to worry any more. With the file converter, you can easily change the format as per the receiver’s convenience and send them.


The onlineconvertfree has really made the life more easy and convenient. With this service, you can get any type of device you like to without the worry of the file format. Record any video or images and enjoy the same with your family through your mobile or computer or even with the television. You just need to use the converter service and convert the files to the supported format and use them.

The onlineconvertfree also provides you with the option to convert file formats of books and archives along with images, videos or audio etc. Thus, the service is not restricted to any particular type of files.

With this, it is not only the entertainment, but work has also become easy and hassle-free. And being totally free of cost, it allows you to use the same at any point in time and for any number of times.

So, now onwards, don’t worry about the file format while capturing an image or a video or format of the document you are sending to your client or others. Just use the file converter and make the work easy.

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