Dangers of Drug Abuse in the Workplace – Info-graphics

Generally in most parts of the world, one of the lethal problems that cause death is drug overdose. Especially among teenagers, young influences, artists, drug usage is a major concern, since they tend to find solace by the use of it. Different sectors, campaigns have been set up in these parts of the world to fight the emerging problem but still, the solution doesn’t seem to find its place.

In a recent study, it has been found that the problem of drug usage is also coming up in workplaces, the only place where a sensible person wouldn’t want this problem to find its root evolving. The dangers of this very stagnant complication involve a large number of factors, factors which if not monitored would lead to disastrous results. Statistically, overdosage basically found profound significance in the early 2000s. But its significance within the workplace came into being after the 2010s.

Drug abuse in workplaces causes a huge tide for the employers of the company, these bare issues bring costly losses to them ranging from productivity to elevated claims of health insurance. In order to put a stop to these cost reductions, the employers must take necessary steps to bring about the change within their workplaces which might also take some reasonable amount of time and dedication. According to NCADI, employers in the United States suffer an annual loss of $100 billion due to overdosage problems.

Following are listed some of the notable dangers associated with drug abuse in the workplace:

Deprivation of efficiency:

Most of the workers that become addicted to drugs are immune to inefficient work pattern. They merely focus on their tasks and daily work progress instead they invest their time getting indulged in these illegal drug activities causing havoc for their employers. These issues can be resolved by the employers by looking for a solution that would keep a check on their employees is it through cell phone monitoring, or installing android spyware app.

Deduced morale of employees:

When a person becomes addicted to this stuff, they often forget their ethical codes and boundaries. They get involved in immoral ventures, thus dragging the situation up to their workplace. They don’t hesitate to cause troubles to their corporation, which often leads to their reduced morale within their work peers. Employers need to keep track of the situation by encouraging them to disengage in such activities, or by using a spy tracking software. This would inform the employers of the whereabouts of their employees.

Reduced productivity:

Whenever a person becomes immune to drug usage, they often lose their senses. They don’t concentrate on any other thing other than drugs. Incorporations, these drug addicts cease to increase productivity by being physically present but mentally absent, they don’t concentrate anymore on their work instead they look upon a chance to escape from their employer’s sight and fulfill their utmost task i.e. to drink or use drugs. In order to fight this major setback, the employers need to bug the camera of their workers so, in this manner, they could keep 24/7 surveillance of them. 

Breakouts with fellow workers:

Usually, people who take drugs are not in their senses. In the workplace, they often break out a fight with their co-workers or supervisors without them knowing what further complications are they about to face. Drug abusers in fact have killed more people than any other insane person. This causes a setback among the organization because every other worker becomes more and more scared to stay in the same boat, which ultimately leads to huge losses faced by the company. This issue can only be solved if the employers of such people make use of a spy app, which would enable them to have whereabouts of their stubborn employees.


A major issue faced by the executives of the company due to hidden drug users is theft. Drug addicts don’t find it morally illegal to steal away money from their own organization. They steal money mostly so they could afford all those expensive drugs which are unable to be bought from daily wages. This very factor needs to be monitored by the supervisor by using a GPS location tracker that would enable us to spy now the employees. We could get hold of their live GPS location in incognito mode without the need for stalking their every move.

Increment in health insurance claims:

In these past years, a toll of claims with regard to health insurance is observed. When a case study was set up, it was observed that these health insurance claims were generally made more by drug users. This can occur due to the 2 most profound reasons: either they want more money in order to purchase the thing or secondly they get admitted to the hospital due to drug overdose. This thing needs to be monitored by spy app which would help us know the exact reason behind their motive.

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