Designing a Safe Bedroom For Elderly People

When having elderly people in your home, you need to be extra cautious about your home’s layout and arrangement. Especially when designing the bedroom, you need to pay focus on keeping things safe and comfortable. From the right furnishings to supporting accessories, the bedroom for your elder parents should be designed ergonomically. It should be safe, organized, and convenient to assure the smooth movement. 

As your elder parents spend most of their time in their bedroom pay attention to the following tips when designing their bedroom:  

 Consider a Proper Location 

The location of your parent’s bedroom plays an essential role in determining their safety and movement to different areas of the home. Ideally, your parent’s bedroom should have:

  • 30 to 32 inches wider doors to facilitate the easy movement of a wheelchair or walker.
  • Lever style doorknobs.
  • Bathroom with raised toilets and safety grips. 
  • Attached bathroom in the bedroom.

Thus, the location of your parent’s bedroom should be decided to keep these prerequisites in mind. 

Tall Beds

To ensure easy lying down and getting up, choose a bed design that fits your parent’s needs. A heightened bed would make it convenient for your parent to get on and off the bed. To determine the right bed height, check whether your parent’s feet lay straight on the floor or not while sitting. The ideal bed height is around 25 inches. However, considering the variation in heights, the bed designs are also available between 25 to 36 inches. Also, consider installing moveable railings on both sides of the bed. 

Flooring and floor plan

Elderly people are likely to be at more risk of falls. Therefore, flooring, as well as floorplan of their bedroom, should be well-thought. 

  • Do not use tiles in your parent’s bedroom, and they are prone to slipping. 
  • Use anti-skid flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting with firm padding to prevent tripping.  
  • Use a bedroom floorplan that ensures wheelchair or walker mobility.
  • Fix floor irregularities immediately to avoid accidents. 

Room and Bedding Colors 

When decorating a bedroom for elders, certain aspects need special attention. 

  • The wall paint color should either be pale or the ones derived from nature. These include pink, marigold, sage, or latter. 
  • Use simple draperies and bedding. 
  • Opt for things but warm blankets. 
  • Pillows should be light in weight. 

Lots of Light

With aging eyesight also becomes weak. Therefore, consideration should be paid to your parent’s bedroom regarding enough lighting. For this- 

  • Install more windows in your parent’s room. 
  • Place bedside lamps with easy to operate switches.
  • Make bedroom feel airy and spacious apart from using generous lighting. 

Furthermore, place a comfortable motorized reclining chair in your parent’s bedroom. This will act as an alternative seating and will be of great help to them while dressing. So these should be the things on top of your mind when googling “furniture shop near me” for designing your elderly parent’s bedroom.