Factors To Consider Before Installing Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless showers are considered to be trendy in the modern construction industry. Realtors and homeowners consider installing frameless shower enclosures as a way of ensuring that the bathroom space remains elegant and classy. In the extant world, homeowners are required to check on a variety of factors before deciding to have frameless shower enclosures within their bathrooms. Interior designers and contractors are required to be part of the planning so that they can achieve success in the long run. The installation of frameless shower doors requires a careful approach using the right tools. Without the right tools, there is a possibility of the frameless glass panels used in creating the shower enclosures being damaged. This article will help you in understanding the basics of having a frameless shower enclosure within your bathroom.

Why Have A Frameless Shower Enclosure In Your Bathroom

Having a frameless swore enclosure in your bathroom is a trend in the modern housing. Homeowners are competing every day to come up with new designs of creating frameless shower enclosures within their homes. This means that they are continually conducting research and exploring their creativity. The creativity has led to more innovative designs that have been adopted by many people across the world. The following factors will help in having a better and clearer understanding of why you should have frameless shower doors.

They Are Easy To Install

Compared to the framed shower enclosures, the frameless shower enclosures are known to be easy to install. The framed shower enclosures require that a frame should be designed and the glass perfectly fitted to avoid any problems in the future. With the frameless shower enclosures, the technicians are only required to fix the glass panes to form the shower enclosure. In addition to this, the frameless shower enclosure is less costly because no frames and fastening tools are required as compared to the framed shower enclosures.  


What would you do if you needed to introduce a new design for your shower enclosure? If you have a steel or wooden enclosure, it would be difficult to pull it down and introduce another design. However, with the frameless shower enclosures it is easy to customize when doing repairs or replacement. When introducing new ideas into the bathroom, the frameless shower enclosures can be unscrewed from each other or been moved to another location. This is mostly done when the homeowner wants to change the layout of the bathroom space.

They Introduce Elegance And Classiness

Being classy and in an elegant environment is the dream of every homeowner in the modern society. It is possible to achieve this through the introduction of the frameless shower enclosures. When the frameless shower enclosure is laced correctly within a bathroom, the space end up being elegant and the homeowner remains in a comfortable environment. When you introduce frameless glass enclosures in your bathroom, you can be sure of introducing elegance and also making your bathroom classier as compared to the traditional setting.  

What Do You Need To Consider When Constructing A Frameless Shower Enclosure?

To construct a frameless shower enclosure can be challenging if you don’t have enough know-how in the field of interior design. Professional interior designers are contracted to ensure they do a superb job of estimating the size, shape and the designs to suit a particular bathroom space. If you need to have a frameless shower enclosure within your bathroom space, you need to consider the following factors at all times.

The Type Of Glass That You Need

Frameless shower enclosures can difficult to maintain especially if they are shared. Therefore, there is need to ensure there is enough security put to protect the shower enclosures from any form of damage. This means that the homeowners are required to have strong glass for the frameless enclosures when the bathroom is shared. Tempered glass is the most common material that should be used to ensure there is durability in the long run. In case of accidents within the bathroom, the tempered glass material shatters in pebble like pieces which are not injurious to people around. This is safer and should be adopted for the frameless shower enclosures.

The Design Of The Glass

It is common for a homeowner to use transparent glass to construct the frameless shower enclosure. However, there is the option of using obscured glass so that there is improved privacy. This is mostly preferred for use in bathrooms that are shared. However, the obscured glass can either be used for the entire wall height or to a specific height let say one meter.

The Costs Of Installation

Being on a tight budget is common for homeowners who need to introduce classiness and comfort into their homes. With this, there is need to consider the amount of financial resources that you have to install the frameless shower enclosures. Since they can be expensive to install, it would be recommended that a homeowner should consider alternatives that are suitable for them.