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People gamble for fun and for the chance to win some cash. Whether it’s sports betting, table games, slots or bingo, all gamblers would like to win some of their staked cash and more, back. 

When it comes to bingo, players are in it more for the fun and the social aspect associated with this game, again cash is a welcome bonus and everyone loves the feeling associated with winning. However, bingo has been known to have its quirks and some prizes range from holidays, which are welcome and relatively normal, to the completely whacky and insane – discover and play online slot games.

Bingo nights in pubs are nothing unusual, in fact they help boost visitors, revenue and make for a great night out. One New Yorker who was brave enough to venture out into the great American countryside ended up having a close encounter with a cow thanks to a win at a bingo event at an independent country pub. This was probably one of those rare moments when a bingo player wished they hadn’t won the top prize. This bingo player had won herself a milking cow but would have probably wished she had bagged some of the runner up prizes that included TVs phones and other gadgets. 

Ann Summers Bingo 

Ann summers is not a brand that is usually linked to bingo, but over a decade ago, Ann Summers dipped their toes in the bingo waters and gave the world their own unique brand of bingo, that contained a very Ann Summers twist to it. This adult-only form of bingo involved saucy user names, sexy bingo callers, and prizes made up of products that were sold in Ann Summers stores. This brand of bingo was not surprisingly aimed mostly at a female audience and was a success with a certain female age group. The prizes consisted of items that would normally be sent out in discreet packaging to avoid customer embarrassment. The most normal of the prizes was some sexy lingerie whilst other prizes were more X-rated. 

Random Prizes 

With so many bingo sites competing with each other across the world, it comes as no surprise that some sites steer off the mainstream track and start experimenting with some unusual cash alternative prizes. Anything from DVDs, chocolates, clothes, mugs and even stress balls, have been given out as prizes, some have even given out picnic hampers as star prizes. This is probably an okay prize to win, but most players would like a generous cash prize as the top prize and these stranger prizes would work best as runner up prizes. 

Final Thoughts 

Cash has been the main prize throughout the history of bingo and punters have more options when they win cash prizes, as they can spend it, or do whatever they feel is best for them to do with it, at that point in time. This is why winning a cow, that is a milking cow or not, will not be catching on at a bingo hall or bingo site, any day soon.

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