Gaming Platforms We Have Online/Offline

The game is an appliance of entertainment and enjoyment or sometimes we play games to achieve the rewards and our goal. Games help us to increase our physical, mental and education skills. The games can play alone, in teams and online as well. In our India, we have lots of games just like Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Sudoku, Ludo, and many other games. Mostly, we play these games sometimes online, alone or in the team. In games, we follow the rules, instructions, and challenges. In games, we use many types of tools and things which we need in games for playing.

Types of games

We have many types of games and the game list is given below:-

Lawn Games Games

Lawn games are called outdoor games which we play on the open area and in-home front or backyards. In outdoor games, we include cricket, football, basketball, etc.


Tabletop Gamestable top game
In tabletop games, we include indoor games and these games does not take more space and large area. Mostly these type of games are involved in a party and these games are settled on the table. In this, we involve board game, dice game etc.


Video Game video game
Video games are like computer types game and these type of games take proper space to keep on the place. In video games, we include online type games.



Role-Play Games role play
Role play games are drama and acting type of games and in this, we play the roles of fictional character and do acting. These type of games are play in a team and a story.


Top MMORPG Games

We have top amazing MMORPG games of 2018. Dragon Awaken, World of tanks, Warface and Roblox are at the top of the list as best games. I like the part of the resources which we got in these games. Once I got free Robux online when I play this game a few years back. One of the most entertaining platforms which I have not discussed here. If you love to get different gaming experience then you should try XBox platform, Steam wallet platform. Use Xbox gift card codes and redeem for buying games on this console.


Business Game business game
In business games are many types of games and these games play for the making good bonding with the business origination and companies.


Android Games

Android is a great platform to get free offline and online games. If you have an android device in your hand then you can open Google Play and can download games from there. There are many paid games available there with great features. You can buy them by paying there and if you want to save your money then use Google Play Gift card and save your money.

Benefits of Playing Games
Games are beneficial to us it change our mind and it help us to do entertainment. Games help to increase our mind capacity and creative in the computer. It helps to more thinking and problem solving. Games help us to develop our mental and physical skills and educational as well. Games help to learn the rules which are important so follow them. This is helpful for our body and grow our length. Outdoor games increase our stamina and activeness. Games teach us to maintain the system according to the rules. As we need to do the study in our life just like it is necessary to play games to enjoy our life.