Google Analytics Reports to Improve Your Social Networks

Aimhike is a digital marketing agency in Pakistan there are a few tips that you must follow in order to improve your social networks through Google Analytics.

Audience and Demography

The key is to know your audience and not assume that your audience will never change, therefore, the reports of Google Analytics to improve your social networks is the overview of demographic data. Make sure to check it regularly.
One of the advantages of Google Analytics is that it has a calendar with which you can perform your analyzes on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis. What’s more, you can choose the periods that you like the most and even compare them to your whim.

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Sources of Acquisition: Channels and Source / Medium

The second reports of Google Analytics to improve your social networks has to do with the origin of your traffic. As important as demographic information, it is also important to know where visitors from your website come from.
In the report of Channels is where many take the surprise of their life because they discover that their social networks are not sending them as much traffic as they supposed.

Behavior All Pages

The most popular pages of your website will be the pages you want to mention regularly on social networks for the simple fact that they are successful.
This report lists the most popular pages on your site, and also shows the average time on the page, the number of site entries on this page and the bounce rates once the site visitor is on this page. All this information is very useful because it reveals which pages most people consider valuable on your site; these are the pages that you should make sure to link periodically in the publications of social networks.

Social Panorama

This is a report that shows which social media channels generated visits to your website during the selected time period. This page also shows the total number of sessions on the website from all social networking sites, and the total number of conversions contributed. This helps you see:

What social networks are your leading traffic provider?
Which ones need more work to provide incoming traffic?
Which create the best return on investment

Social Landing Pages

The destination pages report within Acquisition – Social media, contains the list of the most viral pages of your site on social networks.
Here the metrics based on the visited pages are displayed. It shows you sessions, number of page views, the average duration of the session, and pages per session.
By clicking on any of them you will get the social networks of origin of said URL. This is very useful to know how the pages to which visitors arrive from the networks are working, comparing them to each other and understanding how each network works for each of them. Use the most popular pages for future publications on social networks.
Being an SEO agency in Karachi Aimhike offers this a quick analysis of some of the most relevant data that most of you should keep in mind when creating posts on social networks in the hope of establishing more traffic and conversions on your website.