How PS4 are engaging children?

Almost all children are crazy about the games. It is considered the best entertainment source for every age group people. Hence we know the trend of online games is increasing day by day; talking about PS4 it will give a hike to technology as well as indoor games.

Children love to play games which not only make them feel happy and enjoyable but also make them learn about new things, for some children playing games in daily routine has become a part of there life not only children, but adults also show interest in these games.

There are various latest games one of them is PS4 which is also known as Play Station 4 which is eighth generation home video game which has been developed by Sony interactive Entertainment is on hikes to provides ample number of games to play and also due to its magnificent features it has been trendy among children as well as adults. Let us know more about it.

Top 5 games which only PS4 have?

Horizon Zero Dawn

A most exclusive game with full of action sequences and based on a mixture of tribal and robotics theme. Hence the lead character in this game is Female which is a hunter saves her place from the mysterious creatures which try to damage her place. The user has to play as that female hunter.

The last of Us Remastered

It is the most famous game and another part of the story which has been incompleted in Play station 3. It is basically a storytelling-based game in which a story and characters are there, and the user had to solve the queries which will be forthcoming in that story.

The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt

It is another superb game due to its extraordinary design and theme, in this empire attacks the kingdom and user has to save the kingdom by fighting back, this game is best to test your skills.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s a realistic game depicting the scenario of America’s in the 19th century in the form of the tale. It’s a majestic game, that while playing one feels that it is happening in reality around them, this is the best multiplayer game one can play online.

Shadow of the Colossus

It’s a masterpiece game will be remembered by everyone, it is based on the concept of a long journey with a lot of difficulties and enemies in last to bring the loved one back using the mystical power. This game has made a remarkable effect on users with a point to create interest among them.

Features of the PS4 game

Set your account– One can log in this Play Station with your facebook, email id or with a new Id. One can also set profile pictures etc.

Quick menu-Here you can go for general settings like power and restart option, share play, sound and device settings, brightness and color, music playback settings and many more.

Connects to friends and socialize-You can also connect to new friends, can do text messages, group chats,  and can join each other in-game to play a multiplayer game, moreover can update your pictures of playing the games and share to your friends.

Dashboard Menu– Here you will find your downloaded content, streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, as well as other features like friends list, events, etc. Basically, it’s a home screen where you can organize your icons and games.

Entertainment apps-This Play Station not only has games for entertainment but also apps for streamlined videos like on YouTube, amazon prime videos, Netflix, NBA, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. Therefore one can enjoy this as an alternative.

Play Station store-One can download and search fore exclusive range of new games and can play them, this store offers sales and discounts on games, and videos, etc. Also, one will be updated about the newly launched games.

Share your moments-Capture your photos, videos, and save your screenshots so that you can share them on what’s new feed, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. One can adjust settings of their Play Station in a way that they can share their things in a single click. You can even share songs from music apps.

Share play option-One can play games along with friends,like if someone has PS4 game and is not aware of the newly updated games, you can help them out not only by sharing but also involving them as a player  to give a trial in your game just by “SHARE” button and pick ” SHARE START PLAY”

Restriction settings– Parents can use these settings for their children in exams that whether they can apply online features or not.


Those who are eagerly waiting for PS4  and its amazing features. This information is surely going to help them and give them ideas of the new mesmerizing features which will leave them astonished; one will be amazed at the addition of new games which are more realistic. Another of the HDR features which make this Play Station easily accessible to HD TV.