How Technology is Changing the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry has always been at the forefront of technological development ever since it was conceived. They are usually the first to adopt any new technology that comes along and has an application in their field. It is one of the reasons why so many developers like to work in iGaming, as it helps them to stay relevant and acquire new skills. And with 70% of all Americans playing video games, the market is huge. By the end of the decade, iGaming part of that cake is estimated to grow to an amazing $59.79 billion. That is a lot of cake. Of course, the prediction doesn’t include some massive technological breakthrough, in which case all bets are off and the sky is the limit.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been somewhat of a Holy grail for developers in the last few decades. The idea of autonomous software that can solve problems on its own is a very exciting one. It is also a very scary one for everyone who watched Terminator movies. Skynet can just as easily be born from a piece of self-aware casino software as it can from a defense network. In some ways, AI has already been implemented in iGaming. Various behavioral algorithms are all based on highly adaptive code that can almost be called AI. However, in the future, the implementation will reach a higher level and almost all aspects of iGaming will be affected in one way or another.

New Games

As equipment develops, new possibilities for software solutions are growing and new and exciting slot games are being created every day. This has created a situation where almost everyone can find a game they like. The new titles are added on an almost daily basis and iGaming has never been more exciting. At the moment, the emphasis is on creating better and faster mobile games. As soon as things like VR and AR are sufficiently developed, we predict that a majority of software developers will jump on them immediately and start implementing them in their game design.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and iGaming seem like a perfect match. Oculus Rift and other VR devices have opened up brand new horizons for game developers and they are taking full advantage of that. iGaming developers are no exception. VR’s main selling point is immersion. Instead of watching the game on a monitor, you are inside the game. You can see your actions and how they affect the virtual world around you. You don’t have to play games sitting in front of your computer anymore. Instead, you can be in any Las Vegas casino and enjoy a nice evening with a host at your side. But where VR will shine is the multi-player and we are still waiting to see the full implementation of that feature. Imagine a fully-developed VR casino with players from all over the world, interacting and playing against each other. That is the end-goal here.

Augmented Reality

The first massively popular game that utilized augmented reality was Pokémon Go!. You could see people walking around staring at their phones everywhere, trying to catch them all. Instead of observing the world around you through your eyes, you were seeing it through the camera of your device. That is the main difference between AR and VR. VR creates a whole other world, while AR just adds details to the one we are living in. Despite its popularity, many experts agree that Pokémon Go! only scratched the surface of what AR can do for games. iGaming is sure to pay attention to any new development in this field. The possibilities for implementation are limitless.

Mobile Games Improvements

Mobile devices have reached levels of development nobody could have anticipated just a decade earlier. In terms of sheer computing power and CPU capabilities, they have even overtaken some cheaper PCs. In terms of game development, that means that the developers can make more demanding games for better players’ experience. Graphics are the main focus of improvement, but other areas have seen progress as well. This has, in turn, empowered technologies like AR and VR. This development on two fronts has created a powerful synergy that has the ability to take iGaming onto the next level of gaming.

We are living in a world of rapidly evolving technology. Keeping track of all the latest development can be mind-boggling, but it is often the only way to stay relevant and competitive. Since iGaming companies are nothing if not competitive, it is only logical that they are some of the largest investors in the technology sector, looking to develop and adapt almost any new technology that comes their way. Yes, the driving force here is the profit, but that doesn’t mean that we as players can have some fun and enjoy ourselves.


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