How the latest android phones are giving tough competition to iPhone

It is not surprising that updated smart mobiles are giving robust competition to iPhone. After all, the Android is developed by the Google; therefore, while comparing the functionality of Android as well as iPhone, many agreed that Android is much superior to iPhone. Updated android mobile more flexible, well-designed and exclusive in comparison to iPhone. Moreover, there are ample android mobiles which seem somewhat similar to the iPhone.

Some of the reasons that how Updated Android mobiles are far better than iPhone are as follows:

Our headmost concern of using Android mobiles is its battery life i.e. the power dissipation of android mobiles is very high wherein upgraded android mobiles provides much more adaptive battery feature that it provides sufficient battery life of the smartphone. Nowadays the Latest Android phones come up with new mobile features, compact size, huge touchscreen, a stylish look, high-quality camera, an edge screen, etc.

There is a huge variety of Android phones, moreover, there are numerous Android phone manufacturers who develop phones which include Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Motorola, and HTC, etc. The unique part about the updated smartphones is that the various manufacturers design their products with the latest technology, style as well as with the latest trends in the market which attract the attention of the customers. One can choose any android mobile according to our needs. But apart from this, if android mobile is compared with the iOS than Android mobile offers a broad range of choices than iPhone.

Best Feature Of Smart Phones

One the best feature of the upgraded smartphones is customization. The Latest Android mobiles are more customized as compared to the iPhone. In the phone, one cannot download multiple apps because the apps of the iPhone are generally paid one, so it is limited edition in terms of Latest android mobiles. In the upgraded mobile phones one can download the application of exclusive wallpapers, keyboards and many more attractive features which helps to enhance the mobile phone while it cannot be done with the iPhone. If you want to enjoy such features then android mobile is undoubtedly the best choice.

Moreover, widgets of the updated Smartphones have more advantageous than the iOS. It is the feature which is somewhat related to customization. The widgets are available at the home page of all the android mobiles it is very much beneficial. But in the case of iOS Phones in order to avoid the cluster on the homepage, it does not offer the feature of widgets. The upgraded smartphones come up with the updated features as well as new Android versions so instead of having a lot of option on the home page still there is very fewer chances of the hanging of the upgraded smartphones. The memory of the latest smartphone is highly expandable with an advanced android version which offers a new feature in the mobile phones. Hence, it makes mobile phone more attractive, durable, and flexible and has a remarkable battery life.

Latest trends in the android enhance the feature of the mobile phones. It really gives the tough competition to the iPhone. People nowadays bend towards the latest android phones.

The upgraded android mobiles offer improvement in the messaging apps and provide the simplest way to take screenshots and one can edit them also. Latest smartphones are water as well as dust resistant. It also offers IR blaster to control devices. The latest smartphones offer massive storage space which increases the flexibility of the phones to the greater extent.

Android phones use micro USB or USB-C chargers. The charger of the Android mobiles is Universal. Upgraded Android mobiles are Multitasking, hence it is very easy to easy. One can easily open up the window multitask and can drag apps that you want to use at the same time. On the other hand Apple also encountered with this feature but still, it is beneficial for the iPad or for the larger iPhone.

The upgraded android mobiles come up with new applications which one can access in the android phones easily as they have their own Google play store in the phone while it is not present in the iPhone. There are few apps which are already offered by the iPhone but on the other hand if you want to add more apps of your own choice you need to pay for downloading the apps that one can access it.


Overall, Android is better as compared to the iOS in the light of the above discussion. The inflexibility of the iPhone will become one of the primary reasons to choose Android. The upgraded smartphones provide more features which capture the attraction of the people. If one is interested to enjoy the features of smartphones like expandable memory, effective customization, advanced features, and improved hardware, then go for upgraded android mobiles.