How to keep Kids busy Online During Home Quarantine In Covid-19

We are all stuck at our homes during quarantine and isolation, because of the coronavirus. And obviously most of us will stick to gadgets and computers to watch favorite shows, play top high graphics games, or check new videos from youtube authors. But sometimes even kids can get bored with all digital entertainment. So they will ask you to help them out, play with them, or show them something fascinating around the internet to spend time on.

Of course, we have to stay healthy physically and mentally and keep our kids safe as well so some rules regarding limiting screen time should be applied. Spending all the free time in front of our screens is not a good way to maintain health and immunity. There is nothing much to do while you are locked inside your house or apartment with your family and kids.

Teach your kids something new while in self-isolation

Youtube is not a root of evil, more than that, it’s a lifesaver for most of us. It gives us thousands and thousands of hours of entertainment. Content that we can find on youtube might basically fit everyone, people of any gender, age or nationality. Since infants can’t attend schools youtube can be a great source of real knowledge and education. But first, we should find the best channels that can bring real joy to your free time, that’s why we made this top-list of channels.

So let’s turn weaknesses to strengths and find a bright side while spending time online with your kids. But if you have a problem with the internet or just want to watch these videos offline you can use this program.

Storytime with Ryan & Craig

Two hosts Ryan and Craig make family comedies for you and your kids. Most of the time videos are improvisations, songs, children’s books, and stories readings or Clowney comedy made with helium squeaky voices. Mr. Logod and Tovey are releasing a few new videos every week. They also have some merchandise you can buy online, and it will be delivered right under your door, in case if you or your kids will become their huge fans. As a paid bonus, go to their site and attend special one-on-one sessions via skype to entertain your infant.

StoryTime at Awnie’s House

One of the loveliest hosts on youtube, Awnie will find a way to help your kids cheer up every day. Awnie s House is kid s stories readings, a little bit of audience question answering, live streaming. Even tiny improvised plays, to make the best stories come alive for the smallest kids. Overall, it’s a good stash of fun, with a real love for kids. Everyone will become an instant fan and love all those stories from Awnie s House!

Brightly Storytime

One more storytelling channel that will show you a different approach to kid s entertainment. Ms. Linda is a great child psychologist, a teacher, and a writer. So get ready for awesome full-length storytelling and professional reading that will hypnotize you and your kids for hours. Also, visiting Ms. Linda s site will be a good idea if you want any kind of educational materials, guides, and essays for kids that you can print out and use in everyday life without going online.

1.Educational-based channels for kids learning

Sesame Studios– probably the best learning channel for toddlers. The Best quality content from creators of the Sesame Street project that your kids will absolutely adore. You can’t get it wrong with muppets, memorable characters straight back from our own childhood. If you liked muppets and Sesame street back in the day, your kids will love it too, simple as that!

Cal’s Sound yard by Baby Einstein

Want your kids to stay safe, bring positivity at home, and educate themselves without being bored to death? This channel will provide short educational videos that will help kids learn the alphabet fast and easy. A way it’s being presented might be slightly repetitive and weird for you but Baby Einstein definitely knows what is the best way to do it. Don’t worry if, for example, letters are not in the right alphabetic order or vocalization goes back and forth, all content that is being posted on their website and released on youtube channel is checked by specialists, educators, and children psychologists. The Special Baby Einstein way is based on the Montessori schools’ system. Fact that content is good for the smallest viewers who are just learning basics, makes it even better.


Simple and easy way to keep your kids busy with learning the alphabet, alpha blocks are 26 letters that are coming to life on the screen that will dance, sing, and bring a lot of real fun to you and your kids and a pinch of magic. Great channel for developing basic phonic skills and memorizing the alphabet.


Very similar to alpha blocks channel, this one will help you both learn numbers from 1 to 10 that will become handy to kids who are ready to start their elementary school, perfect for kids of age ranging from 3 to 7.


Starfall is a full-scale educational center for home education, special classes, and even some early language learning practices. It is a website, with a great number of tutorials, learning materials, printables, and much more, with its own youtube channel. If your kids want some more than just learning basics and leaning towards playing games while doing it, visit their site where you will find a lot of online games and different activities for kids of all ages. Site owners also providing some custom learning materials, that you can design along with your child.

Storybots Super Songs on the Netflix Jr. channel

For those parents who bought Netflix junior subscription for their kids, a lot of movement activities, dancing, acting, and some karaoke singing for educational purposes. Smartest kids as hosts, what makes this channel special and worth paying for.

Scratch Garden

Lots of fun educational video materials for the whole family, the target audience is ranged from elementary school to college. Tired of learning English or teaching your smallest ones some numbers? Don’t turn it off, because there are plenty of other interesting things such as hilarious math learning practice videos mixed with dancing and artistic performances. So if your kid is an artistic soul, that’s exactly what you were looking for

I would personally recommend this one, my own kids absolutely loved it because it fits literally everyone, even parents themselves.

Scratch garden will come handy if you skipped some of your school classes, you should definitely go and watch some silliness along with your kids.

Khan Academy

One of the best sources for your kids to continue a school program at home. If you ask your children about this site, they will probably say they are already using it, because most teachers adding it as a part of remote learning for those who can’t attend school. Youtube channel videos will help kids learn anything ranging from math and languages to geography and history, as a bonus you will meet the owner and founder of Khan Academy Mr. Khan himself, who is a great teacher, storyteller, and psychologist. Sal Khan is mostly making daily videos where he’s answering some questions sent to him by users and viewers.

Khan Academy Kids

One of the best channels for younger kids, and it’s 100% free. Mostly for kids ages 2 to 8, Khan Academy is a world-renown leader with great hosts and some academy awards winners creating the best content. Hosts of this channel are Caroline and Sophie, they will go live every morning on weekdays. Great place that will teach your small ones how to behave in society, helping them to build their own social and emotional spectrum, so no more kindergarten first-day traumas, your kid will be ready to meet the world! Download the free app on your phone, desktop, or tablet and you are good to go.

It’s Okay to Be Smart

Nothing to add, it definitely is. More space science and tech basics for smartest kids, so they can learn lots of amazing details. This is to realize how huge and diverse our universe is, and what most important, how it affects our daily lives. Go ahead and watch some videos with young students. I’m sure you will find a great number of fascinating details about space you probably never heard. Weekly videos with Joe Hanson Ph.D. will explain how the universe operates to make it simple and understandable for everyone.

Geek Gurl Diaries

Not just for geeks, British host Carrie will help you and your children learn more about programming and computer code writing languages. Different types of videos such as vlogs, tutorials and more, will definitely keep you and young one awake and interested in the subject for a long time. Carrie is great at teaching even the smallest girls how to build a pc, fix a problem, or stay safe while using the internet. But be careful, after watching geek gurl diaries your kid will probably know more about tech gadgets than you do.

2. Physical activities videos for kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Sounds awesome, right? Kid’s yoga here, videos about relaxation, mind fitness, and calamity. Free from religious practices that often come along with physical yoga practices. Cosmic kids yoga will help your kid prepare themselves to school week, develop confidence and mental judo to stay clear-minded. Yoga teachings will definitely come handy when your kid is tired of all those letters and numbers circulating in his head. So it’s time for complete relaxation and deep mental break. There are also extras that you might want to pay for, (because they simply worth it), such as animated 3 little pigs cosmic adventure series. For those of you who speak Spanish, this youtube channel provides Spanish versions of videos every week. Even a language barrier can’t stop your kid from being a real yoga master!


Quarantine is a time of self -isolation at home, which means a lot of cookies, and no movement at all. Time to change this by visiting the GoNoodle youtube channel where you will receive a lot of joy by moving lazy noodle limbs and teaching kids & how to keep their physical health up to be ready for new daily adventures. GoNoodle is full of jumping, stretching, & dancing. A great way to take a break after long sessions of screen time. One of the biggest «fitness for kids» channels around, with over 14 million subscribers. This proves that this one is excellent to make the whole family happier and healthier.

3. Youtube Channels for creative kids

Magic Fingers Art

This channel and its host Sophia will teach how to start kid’s development as creative artists from a young age. Simplest techniques will help any creative kid learn how to draw basic pictures of animals and geometric figures with minimum explanation and maximum magic. Magic fingers are one of the best art channels for the smallest kids on youtube. All content looks simple yet amazing, your kid will be super happy to see animated versions of teacher Sophia drawings.

Super Simple Songs

Tons of funny songs filled with the silliness that will probably stick to you. And your children for a long time because of great rhyming and simple motives. If you are looking for easy going content, this music channel will probably become your best find on youtube!

LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!

Outstanding host Mo Willems, a professor from Kennedy center of Education will entertain your kids for hours and hours. The content of this youtube channel that went viral recently is absolutely amazing. Millions of kids around the globe can cooperate while taking advice from a real professional. Get ready for drawing, writing, singing and so much more. Simple and fun, Mo Willems is inviting you to his mega performances every weekday at the same time. Go to Kennedy center official website for schedule, worksheet, and more!

Bash the Trash

Don’t get scared by the name, because these guys are brilliant. It’s a group of young and enthusiastic artists who will teach your kid how to be a modern person and live with caring for the environment not just by learning simple rules but telling youngsters how the world works. Music videos will make it look more like a game than actual education which is a great way to put some knowledge in a kid’s. Everything ranging from social studies to math will bring a lot of joy to you and your kid. Don’t forget to bring your own musical instruments because you will have a chance to follow up with their melodies.