How to Promote a Shopify Store on Social Media?

Are you wondering how to promote your Shopify store on social media?
Well, here is a fact: Social selling is a NEW normal.
Because over 70% of consumers go to social media for getting updated information about new products and services for future use.

Likewise, the majority of internet users (45%) are more likely to purchase after knowing things of their interest online.
Optimize your innovative eCommerce store built on Shopify and increase revenue-generation of your web store by promoting it on three most successful social media platforms:-

1- Instagram

2- Facebook Advertising

3- Pinterest

– Most Amazing Platform

Around 120 million people used Instagram in January 2020 only in the US. Without an iota of doubt, this social media platform has endless possibilities for eCommerce stores as it has a majority of the adult population willing to buy quality stuff online.

If your eStore is continuously failing at generating leads, it’s due to the part that you didn’t come up with a truly practical and realistic Instagram strategy on paper. Believe it or not:
– Instagram is regarded as a social channel with top-notch engagement.
– It is interactive ⅓ of Instagram users prefer to make purchases online using their smartphones.
– Segment your targeted audience in different categories and target one which is most likely to convert into customers. Keep in mind: targeting a single category is fruitless.
– Test your product organically before spending your hard-earned bucks on paid Instagram advertising. People want to see real products from real people. Here come organic searches for your product on Instagram which will move the needle.

Therefore, the following are simple and easy tips to starting bucks from your Shopify store by promoting it wisely on Instagram:

  • User-generated content is a crowd-pleaser. Use it as Instagram stories and create your brand voice in your targeted audience.
  • Be authentic
  • Go Live
  • Share moments from your online Shopify stores.

Facebook– Most Popular Platform

Social media sites help eCommerce businesses optimize their online presence so that maximum people could easily find them while looking to buy anything. Whereas, such websites like Facebook constantly change their algorithms to provide a more personalized experience to the users.

However, for businesses, it’s getting harder day-by-day to target their specified audience organically because a new mantra is revolutionizing the internet landscape which says –  ‘Pay to Play, and Win the game’.

If you want to boost your Shopify stores on Facebook, you should consider Facebook Ads.
Although, you will have to pay money for your Facebook Ads’. But, remember, they are more than just getting targeted traffic to your Shopify store because you can use Facebook eCommerce at any stage of their sales funnel.

Here, I’m going to share 5 essential and straightforward tips which you can use to drive more sales:

1- Use impressive images and catchy copy in your ads
2- Get Facebook pixel for your website
3- Make use of Interest Field Smartly and create video ads to target the right audience
4- Develop a well-thought strategy to target Cart Abandonment
5- Build a referral program for your Shopify store.

PINTEREST- Perfect Place For Advertising

Pinterest is the social networking platform where users can save pins of their favorite images on boards known as secret (hidden) and public.

Frequent users of Pinterest are known as ‘Pinners’ as these pins contain important links, descriptions, and information.

Pinterest is a great choice for you to promote your eCommerce business on Shopify.

Are you wondering – How?
Pinterest is very famous for its ‘Machine Learning’ as it suggests right pins to users according to their preferences, demographics, and dispositions.

Therefore, you’ve solid chances of marketing your Shopify business to future customers.

Certainly, your chances of getting traction online for your Shopify store are humongous, especially, if you sell physical goods that can be presented visually in photographs.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) enterprises have a high chance of converting leads through Pinterest as compared to B2B (Business-to-Business) companies. Well, it doesn’t mean that there are varying limitations from business to business on Pinterest — It is not like this. It depends upon the company’s voice as a ‘Brand’ across the Internet and how it overlaps its fanbase.

The following are the real facts showing that why should you use Pinterest for promoting your Shopify store:

– Over 98% of people decide to buy new things they discover on Pinterest as compared to other social platforms.
– Pinners are inclined to shop more online than non-pinners. They spend more money and time as compared to those who use the platform.

– The majority of Pinterest traffic (80%) comes from mobile users.

– Around 40% of pinners make a household income of more than $100k each year.

Final Words – How can you Benefit from Social Media to Promote your Shopify Store?

You have learned key things to help you spread your brand message across the Internet. Keep in mind: Your future customers are on social media at this second and they are buying online. If they’re not looking at your products and eStore built on Shopify; it shows — your competitor is selling its products to them. Don’t let this happen to your eCommerce shop and optimize it now using expert advice.

With relevant and reliable information shared here, you can optimize your social selling and grow your business online – for maximum profit and increased sales.