How to Start Marketing Agency in India


In India incorporation of marketing agency is easy you have to first conduct a market research then you have to make a proper business plan and have to comply with business registration which is required. This article talks about the business registration, brand registration and income tax filing so you get an idea about these.

How to do start For Marketing Agency in India

You have to make a business plan for your marketing agency and you have to comply with the rules and regulation of India laws so your business will run smoothly. Business planning is important for your business and before planning you have to conduct a market research so you will find about your competitor and services providing by them and money charging by them so you can make a better plan for your business. For starting a business of digital marketing you have to create a website for this and you have to choose a location for your office where you team will work. You have to register your business also for validation of business.

Business registration of your Marketing agency is important as without business registration you may have to face many problems like you cannot take benefits from the government schemes and you will not get tax benefits so you should register your business under recognized authority. If you are a single owner of your business then you can register your business as a sole proprietorship firm and if there are two or partners then you can start your business as partnership firm or Limited liability partnership firm. Every form of entity has their own benefits like LLP is a separate legal entity so it can sue or can be sued and partner will not be liable personally. So you have to choose wisely.

Brand registration of your digital marketing business is important because without brand registration anyone can copy your brand name and make money by using your brand name and people will confused with names so you should register your brand under Intellectual property rights like Trademark. You should register your Logo and brand name under the trademark laws so after getting trademark no one can use your brand name and logo and if anyone copy your brand name then he will be liable under the trademark laws. So you should consider this.

After Incorporation of your Market Agency you have to comply with the rules and regulation of recognized authorities like Income tax department of India. You have to file your income tax return in every assessment year. As per according to laws of Income tax you need to file income tax return every year and in case failure of filing of income tax return you may be liable for fine or punishment of imprisonment or both. Filing of Income tax is most important thing after starting your business as above mentioned in case failure of filing you have to face legal consequences. Filing of income tax return can be done through offline and online mode. Online mode is very easy you have to fill a form online on the website of income tax filing and you can pay your tax there.

Conclusion :

As above mentioned business registration of your marketing agency is most important because without business registration your business will not get many benefits under the government schemes. Business registration will validate your business and you can start your business as a sole proprietorship firm if you are single owner and if there are two or more partners then you can start your business as LLP and it has many benefits like it is a separate legal entity which can sue and can be sued. Brand registration is also important for securing your brand name under the laws and after incorporation of your business you have to comply with the recognized authority and you have to pay tax in prescribed time. So if you are thinking of starting a marketing agency you should consider these registration under recognized authorities.