How to use Bluetooth headsets on PS4

Playing on consoles without hanging strings hitting is something we have witnessed since the end of the era of the PlayStation 2 / Xbox when the controls no longer have wires. However, it was from there that the online gambles group became popular and the wires that were the controls were replaced by wire ear headphones and headsets that are needed to be communication between fellow games.

Current generation console controls, such as Sony’s Dual Shock 4, have P2 input so we can plug in our headset and have a more comfortable yet wired experience.

There is technology available to get rid of the cables for good. But if both the console and the control have this Bluetooth technology, which would enable us to play with wireless headsets, why do not all models work?

We’ll explain this and show you which Bluetooth headset models work on the PlayStation 4 below.

Why does not every Bluetooth phone work on PS4?

If you have an ordinary Bluetooth headset and a PlayStation 4 we consider you to buy one before buying read buyers guide and reviews from, and then you may have wondered why you cannot connect it to the console. Even though it is visible to other devices, the handset does not appear in the system list, right?

Sometimes it even appears in the list, but at the time of pairing it with the console one of the following messages may appear:

  • Bluetooth audio device is not supported by the PS4
  • Cannot connect to the Bluetooth device within the time limit
  • Cannot find a profile supported by the PS4

Well, this is a restriction that Sony imposes itself. The console does not support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), so no Stereo Bluetooth headset can be connected to the PS4 – and even if you could get it to work, the lag between image and sound would be between 100 and 200ms, it would be impractical to use a handset of the type.

Despite this, there are ways to use a wireless handset and play on the PS4 without having the delay quoted. You can either use a Sony licensed product or do a small workaround using your standard Bluetooth headset.

How to use Bluetooth headset on PS4

The simplest and easiest way to connect a Bluetooth headset to the PlayStation 4 is by using a USB adapter. You can find the dongle in several stores and spend less than $ 30 on a model that works simply and, most importantly, does not require software configuration or pairing – this is done just by pressing the button on the adapter.

Use bluetooth playing ps4

The best-known device is shown above. It is composed of two adapters, a USB that must be connected to one of the USB ports of the console and connects between console and headphone, and a second that goes in port P2 of the control Dual Shock 4, serving as a microphone.


Note that this is an adaptation that has limitations. The adapter manufacturer itself usually provides the list of headphones or brands that are not compatible with the product. Connecting one of the products reported as non-compatible to the console guarantees the constant drop of the signal or torturous delay between video and sound.

Bluetooth headsets that work with the PS4

Another option to play on the wireless PS4 is to use Bluetooth headphones that work with your own dongle or transmitter. In this case, the manufacturer itself ensures the perfect operation of the product and the user does not have to worry about the possibility of a delay or incompatibility.

Of course, headphones that use dongles instead of direct connection are harder to find and also not cheap at all. A great option, arriving in Brazil in the second half of 2018, is Hyper Cloud Flight.

Blue Tooth Set

Want to get warnings whenever HyperX Cloud Flight appears?

It is a headset of excellent quality in both construction and loudness, comfortable; it has lighting in the brand logo, detachable microphone & battery that lasts up to 30 hours! It already comes with certifications to work on the PC, PS4 and PS4 Pro without any adaptation. Just plug the dongle and use!

Logitech is represented by the top-of-the-line G933 Artemis Spectrum headset. Unlike other brand models, it is not very discreet. In fact, his style makes clear that it is a product made for PC Gamers, even if it supports the PS4 and Xbox One.

Want to get warnings whenever G933 Artemis Spectrum appears?

The headset simulates three-dimensional 7.1-channel sound, has RGB illumination, above-average microphone quality, configurable buttons, and battery life of up to 12 hours. In addition, it is very comfortable, ideal for gaming of several hours. The Logitech really capricious in the model, but you have to make the pocket Scorpion if you want to invest in it.

Razor also has a premium console-based option. The Thresher Ultimate has 50mm drivers, 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, synthetic-lined, foam-filled shells that “memorize” the shape of your head and ears.

The headset also has a retractable microphone with unidirectional pickup and battery that lasts up to 16 hours. The connection to the console is made through a base that accompanies the peripheral and acts as a Bluetooth transmitter, passing the signal between the console and the headset.

Want to get warnings whenever Razer Thresher Ultimate appears?

In addition to the third party options, we have the official Sony option: the Gold Wireless Headset. It may not be cheap or durable like other headphones in the same price range but it is beautiful, comfortable and has the sound quality we expect from a Sony product.

Want to get warnings whenever Gold Wireless Headset appears?

The Gold Wireless Headset also works through its own dongle. Just connect it to the console it is already ready to use. The design of the product is beautiful, even more in the (rare) white color. The battery lasts up to 8 hours with continuous use.

Just like the HyperX headset, you can use it with 3.5mm cable if you wish, but who wants to be wired when you can play freely through Bluetooth connection, right?

Sony still has another version of the same headset. The Sony Platinum Headset has some similarities to the “less valuable” model, but overall it is far superior. It also features 7.1 surround sound and greater bass presence compared to the Gold Headset. Their foams are made from the same comfortable material, but the frame and beads are made of metal, which should extend the life of the product.

Want to get warnings whenever Platinum Wireless Headset appears?

The Platinum Headset features a microphone located on the top and bottom of the handset, resulting in cleaner audio picked up through the microphone. The battery is larger than the Gold model and delivers up to 12 hours of continuous play time. Obviously, it is much more expensive than the Gold version.

In addition to the above, there are several options available in the US market for those who are willing to import a wireless headset to use on PS4. We recommend the Astro A50, SteelSeries Arctic 7  and Turtle Beach Stealth 700.

There are few options for the moment, but given the success Cloud Flight has made since its launch, it’s not too much to expect that other brands will now support the console with more affordable Bluetooth headsets.

How do you play on your PlayStation 4? With simple headphones connected to the control, headset connected directly to the console or do not use any of them? Tell us!