Know The Best Place To Sell Watches Online Or Otherwise

Modern day business is based largely on online sales whether it is selling air tickets or luxury watches but that is not the only way available. The traditional ways are still effective and in few specific cases seems to provide even better results than online sales. Therefore, if you are ready to sell your luxury watch and are wondering which would be the best way to start, this article will help you to go ahead with your endeavor.

There are multiple luxury watch buyers available in the market that you can sell your watch or watches to. Therefore, you will need to do some research to find out the best place to sell your luxury watch. Ideally you will find the following places are the best to approach to sell your watches:

  • Online Specialist Luxury Watch Buyers
  • Online Auctions
  • Pawnshops and
  • Auction Houses.

However, each will have its own benefits and drawbacks.Read the reviews of each thoroughly before you step in as that is the best and most common way to find a place to sell your watch.

Online specialist luxury watch buyer

If you choose to go ahead with the specialized online watch buyers you will find many such stores. This happens to be the most popular optionfor selling luxury watches by several people. The reasons being:

  • Expertise: Being specialized in buying watches for so many years they can assess and price your watch accurately. They often have their own luxury watch experts who assess your watch based on secondhand market. Pricing a luxury watch is a complex process and requires the expertise of such professionals who have exquisite knowledge about the brand, the technicalities, condition of the watch, repairing cost factor if any and market analysis and demand of the particular brand and model. They can make the strongest offers.
  • Competitive prices: Having key connections in the watch industry, they can make the most competitive offerfor your watch. If the company has an international presence then the network of connection will be significantly wider as compared to the local buyers.
  • Reputation: These buyers will have a strong reputation in the market and will be often than not accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and lots of positive reviews from their previous satisfied customers.
  • Safety: You will feel comfortable and safe at every step while you sell watches to them. Even if you mail your watch to them, these specialty buyers will ensure that the process is fully insured, free and track able. If you decline their offer they will mail your watch back to you following the same safety measures often for free.
  • Convenience: The entire process is very convenient as they will offer appointments to meet their experts face to face for selling by appointment. Operating in a safe and modern environment they will even offer you the option to sell your watch from the comfort of your home with free online quote and fully in suredover night shipping.
  • Speed of payment: Lastly, you will get your payment fast in your account, often within as little as 24 hours of receiving the final offer. For sales made by appointment, you can choose between cash or check payments.

The only downside is that they have more options for online sales and limited locations for in- person sales by appointments.

Choosing auction platforms

If you like to choose any of the online auction platforms such as eBay, Craigslist and others it can be a great option for selling your watches as well as a wide array of other household items a well.

  • Websites like eBay and Craigslist are extremely consumer friendly platforms
  • Very easy to navigate
  • You can create a listing for your watches online in a more convenient manner than ever and
  • You can set the price.

However, you may not have any guarantee when and if at all your watch will sell and the entire selling process in very lengthy. Many consumers may be uncomfortable in buying an expensive watch from any unfamiliar seller having no prior record of selling watches. Moreover, few sites may charge a percentage of your earnings when the watch sells.

You will also need to trust and hope that the person buying your watch is not a scammer and take caution when you meet with someone you have interacted with online. Make sure that you never share bank details with the person and never meet alone.

Choosing other options

There are other options to sell your watch as well such as:

  • Pawnshops: If you choose a pawnshop which is your only local option may be good to get quick cash by selling your watch but they may not be specialized in watch knowledge and selling. This may affect the assessment, evaluation and final price of your watch. Moreover, pawnshops usually do not employ any watch expert and they are very cautious while making an offer. This means that you have a high change of underselling your watch.
  • Auction houses: Choosing auction houses to sell watches and other items as well is the most traditional route. This can be a good option as you will have better assessment and valuation of your watch by a luxury watch expert. Moreover, there are various auctioning houses in the market. You can meet and choose the one that offers you the best base price. However, there will be no guarantee of a sale or price received in the end. Add to that you may have to wait till an auction is held, the frequency of which varies according to the policy and calendar of the auction house. Most importantly, when your watch is sold, the auction house will charge a percentage on the sale proceeds. Therefore, make sure you discuss the terms of auctioning thoroughly with the auction house before you choose to work with. This will enable you to know and fully understand the cost you will incur and price you will receive for selling your watch.

Knowing all these options, it seems that the best way to sell watches is through the online specialist luxury watch buyers.