Launched & About To Launch Games Of 2018

The game is an activity used for amusement or entertainment of an individual or a group which is defined under some confined rules. Many games are now fully free but they are ad sponsored so these are not carried out for remuneration. A mobile game is a video game which is played on featured phones, smartphones/tablets, computer etc. Tetris was one of earliest mobile games. In 1997 very efficacious games launched by Nokia-snake.Each an every game is denoted by its distinct logo. They may be downloaded by app stores, iTunes has a variety of free games available in the iTunes stores for iPhones. If you are using Apple device then you could take the benefits of picking games from the store. There are no restrictions for users on this platform, everyone can stay here freely. You can use iTunes platform buy them or others IOS interface.

G-gathers facts
M-make a plan
E-execute & evaluate


  • A game always has components and rule.
  • This is not carried out for remuneration.
  • These games are computer or microprocessor controlled game.
  • Each game has its own strategy or tactics.

Most terrific games of 2018

Best Game released in May 2018-:

  • Detroit: Become human Pillars of eternity 2: DeadfirePillars Of Eternity

Best Game released in April 2018-:

  • Frostpunk MinitMinit

Best Game released in March 2018-:

  • Sea of thieves Far cry 5

An Xbox game, you can buy this game using Xbox gift card all free.Far Cry 5

Best Game released in February 2018-:

  • Shadow of colossus Nights in the woodsnights in the wood

Best Game released in January 2018-:

  • Monsters hunter: world IconoclastsMonsters Hunt

Forthcoming games in 2018

  • Crackdown 3Crack Down 3 Game
  • Red dead redemption 2Red dead redemption
  • Kingdom heart 3Kingdom heart
  • YoshiYoshi Game

Let’s play some interesting games online. Android is the best platform to get the gaming experience. We got thousands of new games every year on Android. We could find all games on Google play store, amazing games are there in free. Paid games are also there and we can buy them to play in exchange for money. We can also use google play gift cards to get those paid games. Google is the only company which has offered multiple platforms for users to entertain.