Oracle: A Leader in the SQL Database Market and In-Memory Solutions

Based on the survey done by IT Brand Pulse named, ‘IT Pros Vote 2016 Server & Database Brand Leaders,’ it was found that Oracle is the leader in the SQL database market sector. When it comes to IT Brand Pulse, it is the most reliable source for data, research, and data-center infrastructure analysis. The poll was conducted with an objective in mind, which is the purpose of measuring the pulse of brand leadership relating to precise categories of products. The participants in the survey pick out the market leader within every product category, and the overall leader for excelling in performance, price, service, dependability, innovation, and support. According to the results of the survey, Oracle was declared the market leader in major database segments such as SQL database, reliability, performance, service, innovation, and support. When it comes to In-Memory database, Oracle is still the leader in almost all the categories.

As far as In-Memory databases are concerned, they have been in the market for quite some time. However, they are growing more and more important of late. You might be wondering why. Well, the burst of information has compelled data stores to grow bigger and diverse than ever before. When it comes to In-Memory databases, they help decision makers to access analytics in real time. It consequently lets organizations become more agile and better equipped to deal with the stiff market competition existing today.

When it comes to Oracle’s Database In-Memory Solutions, it provides outstanding performance for analytics via in-memory acceleration, which is also very economical. As far as the engineering design support is concerned, it offers scale-out and scale-up models, providing up to hundreds of terabytes of memory as well as thousands of central processing unit threads. Moreover, the architectural base was cloud-ready, thus assuring that the In-Memory database is completely attuned with Oracle tools and third-party solutions.

The Benefits of Oracle DBIM

The survey, done by IT Brand Pulse also emphasized Oracle’s strength in the SQL database sector. The sole differentiator in this regard is security. Oracle tops others in today’s competitive market when it comes to offering security on databases. That is because security is developed directly into the database kernel and security has multiple layers. Besides, Oracle also provides database security solutions, which work with non-Oracle databases. It has become possible because the brand has worked for many years with the world’s biggest and most challenging and complex customer environments. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the security benefits that Oracle offers for SQL database to gain a competitive edge over others in the market.

Safe Centralized Configuration

As far as other databases are concerned, they provide limited capabilities to allow efficient consolidation as well as centralization of database services. Failing to consolidate successfully leads to database proliferation affecting cost, security, and management effort. When it comes to Oracle’s configuration management tools, centralization, or architectural flexibility, they help to deal with database collapse, thus making it possible to apply and implement steady security policies. Besides, if you want more information and resources on database services and solutions, you can visit websites such as

Monitoring of Database Activity

Did you know that a few SQL database solutions depend on less important application providers to offer database activity monitoring? Then, Oracle provides Audit Vault and Database Firewall, i.e., OAVDF, to screen Oracle and non-Oracle database traffic proactively to identify and obstruct any illegal activity.

Discovery of Sensitive Information

You will find some non-Oracle solutions that do not offer tools to discover sensitive information within SQL databases or to recognize how opportunities are being utilized. This is where the importance of Oracle Enterprise Manager comes into play. It helps in discovering high-threat data, sensitive information, and policy-oriented observation of privilege use and reporting on how these privileges are really being utilized.

Oracle Is a Leader for Several Other Reasons

Oracle has been proved as a leader for multiple reasons. Firstly, customers enjoy the choice and flexibility of choosing between two solutions. These solutions are Oracle Database In-Memory Products and Oracle Times Ten In-Memory Database. With these two application choices, customers can set up any kind of application including operational, transactional, and analytical.

Oracle also provides a very high-performance choice, which is Oracle’s Exadata Appliance that is made for bigger In-Memory footprints.

Besides Oracle’s on-premise solutions, it is one of the small numbers of providers delighting customers with a cloud-oriented data management platform. The cloud solution makes Oracle a leader because other providers in the market offer cloud-based products, but only a handful of them offer an all-inclusive platform that is optimized, purpose-built, and made for the cloud environment.

Besides choosing Oracle products, customers can choose to deploy. Yes, customers can pick an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployment. They can experience 100 percent user experience that is the same for on-premise or in the cloud environment. Moreover, customers can make the most out of their skills across on-premise and in the cloud.  

Another aspect that helped Oracle to become a leader was because of its roadmap and execution abilities. Based on the findings of Forrester, Oracle’s roadmap means performance improvements with quick decompression through in-memory replication, software-in-silicon, high level of automation, NVRAM support, and in-memory flash extension.

Oracle’s Innovation that Benefits Customers

Oracle can run real-time analytics even on a standby database with no effect on the production database. The increased compression of data minimizes IT expenses and consolidate databases. The automation in data management helps customers with regard to the heat map, which keeps track of data access occurrence. It also helps in defining and framing policies for automated functions. The quick setup of data mechanics helps in the extraction of data insights.


Now that you have read the article, you know now how Oracle is a leader in the SQL database segment and In-Memory solutions. We hope that you have found this piece informative to help you make a better evaluation of the vendor landscape. Oracle also brought significant innovation through its in-memory database solutions. Oracle is customer-centric and is the leader when it comes to service, support, and reliability.