Perfect House warming Party Plan Ideas

Moving to a new house is a major life event. It is one of our life goals to have our own home and we have worked blue hard to achieve that dream. We would have been saving for it for so many years from a very young age. So when we have accomplished our one of the biggest dreams it calls for a celebration and we would like to invite all our friends and relatives to join us for this major life achievement. This party would add to the excitement and make the celebration complete.

Here we have amazing ideas to host a perfect housewarming party.


  • Make a Guest List


This is the most important part of hosting any party. You need to spend adequate time in making the guest list because you have to make sure you don’t miss anyone. Start early in the day and make the list according to the places you visit like office, field area, old house neighbors, new house neighbors, all your friends, family friends, relatives, gym friends and at last all the family members of course. The larger will be your social circle, happier you will be.


  • Select a Convenient Date


It is important to decide the date according to your convenience but is also equally important to see that the guests you have invited would be able to come on those days. Weekends are best to host such parties because everyone has the holiday at work and so can come to the party at ease. The weather forecast is required to be checked so that no guest is bothered due to bad weather if coming from faraway places. You can make online gift delivery if you are invited to a housewarming party but couldn’t make through.


  • Choose the Best Theme


First of all, you need to whether you want a theme party or just a normal party, once you decide you can go ahead with choosing themes if you wish to host a theme housewarming party. Housewarming parties are unlike the wedding parties wherein you go all dressed in formal; these parties are quite casual ones. But again it’s your choice how you want to host it. It could be a poolside party, food party, cocktail party or costume party any of it which you think would be the most fun.


  • Arrange the best food and drinks

Best foods and drinks


Play smart here you can arrange for finger foods inside the house so that it becomes easy for the guest to take the tour of the house while munching it. And the main course should be served outside in the garden or behind in the backyard where you can make sitting arrangement so that the new furniture like sofa set, carpet, curtains, and even the fresh paint is safe from any accidental spillage of beverage and stains of food. And make sure you have special food for the kids too if many guests on the list are parents.


  • Perfect Entertainment

best entertainment


Housewarming parties are mostly boring but you can change that myth. You should not only concentrate on food and beverages for the party you can also host the party by arranging karaoke nights and let guests gel up with one another. You can make a special area in the corner with a sitting arrangement where people can chat and build bonds over coffee. You can arrange for board games so that people can play it with their group. For the extroverts, you can arrange a minute to win it games where guests can voluntarily participate. Or you can just play a funny video showing off your new music system.


  • Party Favours


In traditional times the guests were given gifts when they are returning as a gesture of gratitude that is they came for us and spare their invaluable time to grace our occasion with their presence. These party favors can include gift bags, food items, chocolate basket or popcorn basket. You can gift flowers for a new home to your relative who bought his dream house.

In the end, make sure everyone is having a good time here at your new house and remember it’s just a start of making memories at this new place.