Smart and easy ways to boost your credit score

Managing your personal finance needs careful planning. Most people today are affected by poor credit scores and want to set it right. The disadvantages of having a bad credit score are many. One of the most crucial ones is not being able to apply for a debt consolidation loan for personal and business purposes. Hence, everybody wants to steer clear from a poor credit score when they need to borrow money from an institution.

Do you want to boost your credit score? If yes, then you can’t do it like a quick fix. Things won’t change for you overnight. An individual credit score takes into consideration years of past behavior that gets reflected in the credit report. It includes more than your present actions. Hence, when it comes to boosting your credit score, you need to follow a few steps.

  • Opt-in to pay your debts strategically

Here’s it’s essential to develop more than the basics of utilization ratios. For instance, you might have a balance in more than a single card. It could be that Card 1 has a 42% ratio, that is high, and Card 2 has a 10% low ratio. The FICO score checks at every card ratio. Hence, you can bump the score by paying your card with an increased balance. Considering the above example, you need to go ahead and pay down the Card 1 balance and then manage the ratio for the same card.

  • You must be paying twice every month

It could be that you had a difficult time with your finances for a few months.  Perhaps you needed to make a few investments concerning household repair and other installation works. If there are large items that you’ve paid using your credit card, then both your utilization ratio and the credit score can get affected. You should be aware of the call you made for attaining the closing date! It denotes the process of making a payment about two weeks before the closing date and also making yet another payment right before the closing date. It means that you have the capital to repay the significant expenses by month end.

It’s a wise step to refrain from using a credit card for a massive bill when you intend to carry a balance. You will land up in debt because of the compound interest. You should never resort to credit cards for making long-term loans till such time there’s a card with a 0% introductory APR on the purchases. But then you also need to be aware of the card balance. And you also need to ensure that you repay the bill before your intro time ends.

  • Increase the credit limits

Just in case you have issues with over-expenditure, don’t opt-in for this. The objective is to increase the credit limit on a single or more card so that the utilization ratio comes down. However, this will only work out in your favor when you don’t feel forced in any way to make use of the new credit.

Simultaneously, don’t try this when you have missed your payments, or you are facing a downward-trending score. The issuer might be able to view the request for credit limit which signals a financial crisis for you, where you would need extra credit. It leads to reduced credit limits. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your situation looks consistent before you request for a raise.

However, till such time you have been a decent consumer and your credit score is right, it is a stable strategy to try. All you need to do is get in touch with your credit card company and request to maximize your credit limit. Do decide an amount before making the call. Know that you can’t boost your credit score overnight. Hence, you need to make this amount slightly more than what you need, just in case the company opens a negotiation before agreeing to the new credit limit.

  • Blend it all

Sometimes users realize that they don’t have a credit mix. They have credit cards with very fewer utilization ratios along with a mortgage. But they probably haven’t paid an installment loan for a few years. People sometimes want to increase a score by just a wee bit. For this, they might decide to opt-in for a car loan at a much-reduced rate. And they might spend close to a year repaying off the same to attain a blend of their credit. Initially, this might make the score go down slightly. However, after about six months the credit score will start to maximize. Furthermore, the users’ credit mix is only 10% of the FICO score. However, there are times when that little bit might up your level from decent credit to an excellent one.

If you aren’t planning to apply for credit for six months, then you have the right approach. However, when you are refinancing the mortgage and want a fast boost, you might not want to use this tactic. Then it’s always better to make use of the long-term approach.

Hence, when it comes to increasing and boosting your credit score there are certain do’s and don’ts that you need to adhere. So when you want to expand your credit, know and accept that it can’t happen like a magical quick fix. You will have to allow it sometimes.  There are two fundamental rules that you can opt-in for when you are all set to enhance your credit score. The first one is to keep the credit card balance very low. And the second is to repay all your bills on time.

Also, here you need to make the full repayment. You need to opt-in for these two approaches. After that, you can resort one or more smart tactics to offer your credit score a nice kick-start. Also, it is essential to know one thing – that is you don’t need to have a balance for generating a good credit score. The moment you do that, you are on the tricky side of the debt cycle. Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can go ahead with boosting your credit score.