The 5 Best Body Lotions For Men

The skin is the superficial layer of our body which takes a beating each and every day. Sometimes, it fights with the extremes of temperature like cold or humid and on the other instance, it goes through the polluted environment. Although women are expert in maintaining a glowing skin, it’s time for us to kick-start the routine in order to provide the moisture that our skin requires.

To choose the right type of moisturizer for men can be a bit hectic. However, it is not that tough as you think because the only solution is to go back to the basic, that is, knowing the type of skin you have. Moreover, we have prepared here a quick guide by picking the best moisturizers that are suited for all skin type. Just go through the list below.

Top 5 body moisturizer for men

Moisturizing Cream with Shea Butter and Vitamin E: It is one of the best moisturizer from The Man Company that you can find online. It comes with the goodness of shea butter that is known for its moisturizing properties and also for providing nutrients to the skin for a healthy appearance. It is combined with the goodness of Vitamin E which is known for its deep skin nourishing properties. It is very suitable for the exposed areas of the body like the face, hands, neck, and feet.

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Nourishing Lotion: The dermatologically tested body lotion from NIVEA is an excellent choice that comes with a number of skin benefitting ingredients. It has been formulated with the Hydra –IQ technology that can provide and retain moisture into the skin for all day long keeping it hydrated. Basically, it claims to provide a 24 hours hydration which can do best for the skin. The cream comes with a thick texture and it can easily get absorbed without leaving any trace of grease or any kind of stickiness. It comes with a decent scent and is infused with the sea minerals that makes it one of the best choices for men.

Vaseline Men Body and Face Lotion: It is one of the well-known brands that make the best use of the petroleum jelly for cosmetic products. The Vaseline Men Body and Face Lotion have been infused with the petroleum jelly that will help lock the moisture inside the skin. It has a number of benefits like hydrating the skin and making it appear healthy and shiny. The application of this lotion takes around 15 seconds to completely absorb by the skin and leave no sign of grease. Thus, a shining and healthy skin that appears to be dry yet hydrated is now possible with the help of the Vaseline lotion.

Himalaya Coco Butter Intensive Body Lotion: The Himalaya Coco Butter Intensive Body Lotion is another superb lotion that comes with a fantastic smell which lasts for a long time. It is enriched with the cocoa butter that is known for the moisturizing properties it has. This natural ingredient also treats the itchiness that is caused due to extremely dry skin conditions. It also contains wheat germ oil which helps to restore the lost moisture in the skin.

Lotus Vanilla Velvet Daily Body Lotion: This body lotion comes with the goodness of Vanilla soy and avocado, both know for a good number of skin benefits. It can provide a complete protection for the skin against dryness. The lotion comes in an extremely smooth texture that can be absorbed easily. It can provide a long-time moisture and a regular use will help to rejuvenate the skin.

With the help of these moisturizers, you can easily bid good-bye to the various skin issues that are caused due to dryness. For best results, you can use the moisturiser after taking a bath or before sleeping at night.