The Best Android Version Yet: Android 9 Pie

Initially code-named as Android P during its evolution, Android “Pie” is the ninth major update of the Android operating system. Android 9 is the best android version yet developed. The features it carries is amazing. Android 9 equips itself with the ability of artificial intelligence. This makes your phone more fast, smarter and it adapts itself according to your behavior.

Our foremost concern of using smartphones is its battery life getting drained out very fast. Android “PIE” has an adaptive battery feature which boosts the battery power. The feature studies your behavior &  the prioritizes the apps you’re going to use next. It also has an adaptive brightness feature, by this, you don’t have to set the brightness every time. Android Pie will automatically provide you with the best-suited backlight brightness.

The Android Pie also prioritizes the applications by the way of using it according to your preference. Like if you have plugged in your headphones the playlist you have played recently will pop up. In the same way, in the morning you want to read the morning news during the breakfast and book a cab after that it will automatically pop the applications in the preference of your usage.

The navigation has become way simpler. Now you don’t have to use buttons to switch between apps. Android 9 Pie supports gestures to let you jump from one app to another.

Android 9 Pie makes you review your daily time spent on your smartphone. It tells you about the time you spend on each application in one day. You can have a count of the amount of notification you get. Android 9 Pie provides a weekly graph of the hours you have spent using your smartphone. This feature of the Android 9 PIE is known as “Digital Wellbeing”. This will be officially launched on the Google PIXEL phone by the end of 2018.

“Digital Wellbeing” feature not only it tells you about the time spent but you can also set the limit on your app usage. Like if you want to use WhatsApp only 5 hours a day, you can set a limit of 5 hours and as soon as you are about to reach the limit your phone will automatically notify you.

Android 9 helps you in disconnecting easily. You can turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button and the screen will turn grayscale. While this feature is on all your notifications will be silenced. This feature helps you to have a comfortable sleep or have a quality time with your loved ones, without getting disturbed.

Taking screenshot has now made easy. Android 9 PIE have added an extra ‘Screenshot’ button on the power option.

Android 9 Pie supports HEIF. High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) is a file format of an individual image or a sequence of the image. HEIF supports twice the information of the JPEG file format of images. Now you will have more clear images on your phones.

Android 9 Pie also provides security to your phone. It has a new ‘LOCKDOWN’ feature which disables the biometric authentication once it is activated.

Android 9 have now included Oriya and Assamese as UI language. Making it more user-friendly to people of native languages.

That is the reason why Android 9 “PIE” is the Best Android Version Yet.