The most attractive UK cities for first-time buyers

The UK, the island nation, has always been in the wish list of people worldwide. However, in recent years the well-known economy has gone through the uneven roads of financial earthquakes. First Brexit and now ubiquitous corona that is affecting the world has not left the United Kingdom untouched. 

Despite the vicissitudes, the place has remained in the favorite spots for the first time property buyers. The only tricky thing is to choose a perfect city in the UK where one can fulfill all his/her materialistic dreams in harmony with prosperity.

Here is a list of most promising cities of the UK that can prove a wise decision for first-ever home buying.


Of course, you cannot miss talking about the capital of a place when you find a home to live. There is no second thought on the fact that London is timelessly famous for the home-buyers. 

  • London speaks over 300 languages
  • People from more than 250 nationalities are present here
  • It is the home to some of the best universities and schools in the world
  •  The connectivity is uncompromised through buses, trams, airport transfers, cross rail, etc. 
  • Numberless traditional British bars and pubs provide a place of exciting conversations
  • World-famous tourist spots will make fall in love with the city at first sight


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Oh, another charm of the UK that holds its unique place in the list of choices. It is the thirst most populous city in the UK.  This means it is on the wish list of many people who are already living here. There are good experiences to explore here; that is why it provides a roof to so many people. 

You may like to pay heed to the following points before you reach a decision–

  • Lower cost of living as compared to the other cities.
  • Job opportunities are versatile and sundry. From the passion for art to concerns on a good simple salaried life, all your wishes can come true here.
  • The property rates are low 
  • Variety of restaurants and live entertainment options
  • Known for sports events


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A desirable place for everyone that provides every materialistic pleasure and facility. It is direct nutrition for the industries and invites investment from all over the world. 

  • The city has some development plans on the table, which will take shape in 2022.  If you are planning for a move, this city will never disappoint you. 
  • According to the Birmingham Smithfield, a regeneration scheme describes the presence of a festival square.  The structure will carry culture centers, markets, museums, leisure opportunities, hotels, etc. Also, significant concerts will take place here.


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You will never go out of reasons to buy a home in Manchester. From career to entertainment and education, every field is flourishing here. Self-employed, employed, freelancers all have bread and better earning opportunities. 

  • The place has a booming restaurant scenario. You can open your business here with promising opportunities.
  • Known as the sporting capital of the UK. Those with career or interests in sports have all the reasons to love this city. 
  • World-class universities like the Manchester University craft future makers every year. Did you know that this university has 25 Nobel prize winners in staff and students


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Does this name need any introduction? Certainly not. Cambridge, known for its university, is home to many other possibilities, too, for the home buyers. It is a window from where you can see the future progress of the United Kingdom. 

The city is among the most economically sound regions, and it is not a perception but the result of a government report. 

  • The government plans have a focus on investment in the fields of housing, business growth, rail, and road links.
  • Digital tech turnover in this city is double as compared to the other cities of the UK.
  • Healthy weather, people enjoy happy and healthy bike rides. If you have a concern about health, Cambridge is the right place.


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Take your time as big decisions cannot be taken immediately. The above are the most promising, but that does not mean that you can close your mind. Keep exploring. You may have your reasons. Property price and mortgage services can be two crucial pillars of your decision.  

After the corona pandemic, the market has changed a lot, especially for weak financial buyers. Try to keep strong repay capacity and good credit score. However, there is assured assistance to poor credit people through guaranteed mortgages for bad credit in the UK. But options in such situations will be few. Play safe in personal finances, and you can buy a home sweet home in your desired city. ☺ 

Description – Read about the best places to buy a home in the UK. The selected cities hold the area of particular importance due to varied reasons that affect property buying decisions.

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