Tips for Online Cricket Betting Players

In India, cricket is the most celebrated sport. The cricket lovers in the country are in plenty. This has also given rise to plenty of sites on cricket betting. These sites have helped the cricket followers bet on different cricket matches and also win real cash without any hassles.

Many people enjoying cricket betting online as they can stay indoors and bet almost from anywhere. During COVID-19 pandemic it has been a boon when everyone is forced to stay indoors.

Also, earning money through online cricket betting is not an easy task. For betting, you need to be updated with the current cricket betting tips to enhance your chances of making good money faster.

If you are into online cricket betting for a while now, then some of the cricket betting tips and tricks would help you increase your earnings.

Research on rankings & statistics 

When you check with an expert about the most useful betting tips in cricket then the answer would be like 

• Player or team statistics

• Ranking charts.

When you read the ranking charts you get a fair idea about the team that is ahead in the tournament plus the number of games and points every team has played and scored.

When it comes to player or team statistics, it helps you know about which players have performed exceedingly well in the tournament. Also, you get to know which team would let you get better results if you bet on that team.

Well, it doesn’t mean that only the above two factors should be considered. This is because cricket is a game of uncertainty and a lot of things change even at the last ball.

Do not overlook weather conditions 

Weather conditions matter a lot and even expert cricket betters keep an eye on the weather forecast before they bet.

Cricket is highly affected by the change in weather conditions. Ideally, sunny and dry weather is favorable for batting team overcast conditions for the bowling team.

It means if the weather forecast predicts rain, the match can be a draw if the D/L method is nowhere in the picture.

It means if you are planning to bet on a team/player check for the climate of the country hosting the match and also the weather forecast for the day and then bet as per the weather forecast.

Research about pitch conditions 

Well, this factor is difficult to know about but the pitch matters a lot in the game of cricket as it affects the match quality.

Of course, the pitch is affected by weather or other reason like also on the skills of ground men who make the pitch surface ready for the game.

In case the pitch surface is dry due to the hot climate, then it is helpful for bowlers and more for the spinners. 

In case the pitch surface has little grass on it then it is favorable for the batsmen and they can score better. 

Well, this factor should also be considered with other factors to make a smart betting move.


Irrespective of your experience in online cricket betting or whether you are an expert or a newbie you will be benefited from the cricket betting tips given by the experts.

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