We all work hard enough to earn for our living but few of us spend our earnings in a manageable way. We spend all our earnings on home expenses, renewing subscriptions, buying foods, rents, shopping etc. Some people don’t have a single penny to save at the end of the month.

Sometimes it feels like we are in this world for just doing our 9 to 5 job, getting salary and spending it throughout the month. This makes us really obsessed and hopeless.

A better management of your money can save you. No, you don’t have to hire an accountant to manage your personal finance; a good financial app can do the same in a much better way.

There are hundreds of apps available online which can help you in setting your monthly budget, logging into your expenses and even putting your money at work by investing it. So much goes into our life every day, including international shopping that an app to manage finance can be really helpful.

It may be difficult for you to choose a best financial app online to manage your expenses thus I have done great research and featured top 10 financial apps to manage your personal finance.

  1. Mint

This money management app is as cool as mint leaves. The mint app is the updated version of Mint bill app and developed by the Intuit Inc. This personal finance app makes it easier to track your spending and create your budget in one place.

Mint is loaded with a lot of excellent features and some of them listed below.

  • One stop financial app – See all your financial reports in one place including your bank balance, spending, net worth, credit score and more.
  • Manage your money and bills at once – You can connect your bank account and credit cards with Mint app track your bills and bank accounts at the same time.
  • Budget better – Create your own budget to save smartly over your expenses or get help with few inbuilt budget ideas.
  • No more late fees – Mint personal finance app provides reminders for a bill payment to avoid late fees.
  • Multilayered security – Mint makes money management and transaction more secure with its multilayered user authentication.
  • Download Mint personal finance app from here.

2. Good Budget

Looking for a great personal finance app for your budget goals only then there is no other app better than Good Budget. This is one of the best home budgets managing app and will help you in staying on the top of your finances and bills.

This app is developed for real-time tracking and easy data syncing across iOS and Android devices and even web too. The Good Budget personal finance app is one of the most popular apps and recommended by the top Google experts including The NY Times, Forbes, About.com, Lifehacker etc.

3. Wally

If you are looking for a good personal finance app for your mobile devices then Wally is for you. Wally app simply compares your expenses to your income and helps you in setting your saving goals.

Most people use Excel or paper and pen to track their expenses and few people use some personal finance software to do the same but most of them don’t even know what to do. It is true that every individual’s financial life is complicated and nobody is a born accountant.

Managing money, tracking expenses and doing savings are highly personal issues. Wally helps you in performing better money management and avoiding any kind of data loss and money breaching at the same time.

4. Pocket Guard

Are you looking for an all in one finance app to track your bank accounts, track transactions and create a budget at one place then go with Pocket Guard.

You can connect all your bank accounts and credit/debit cards to Pocket Guard get status updated of your bank transactions and available balance.  Pocket Guard offer multiple features and some of them listed below.

  • One place money management
  • Inbuilt tracking to provide a clearer picture of your bank transactions and finances
  • Prevent late fees and money loss
  • Provide bill alerts and notifications
  • Data protection and security

5. Doxo

Pay your bills simply and securely on the go with Doxo app. With Doxo it will be easy to create your monthly budget and track your transactions but Doxo is known as one of the top payment apps.

Pay all your bills with the single Doxo app having one of the largest networks of billers. More than 45,000 billers are included in the network of Doxo making it the best source of payment. Use multiple forms for doing payment including bank accounts, debit and credit cards.


  • All type of bill payment at one place
  • Largest network of billers
  • Multiple forms of payment available
  • Secure transaction and prevent data loss
  • Provide bill alerts
  • Provide account history and payment status

6. Money Manager

Money Manager is an all in one money management app helps you in managing your money in a much better way. Money Manager offers multiple features including financial planning, expense tracking, and review and asset management.

This personal finance app provides a lot of great features:

  • Expense and budget management at one place
  • Works on double bookkeeping accounting system
  • Debit/credit card management
  • Set pass codes
  • Provide all accounting stats
  • Offers backup and restoring

7. Coinbase

Crypto currency has influenced the world of online banking and online transaction a lot. If you are looking for a financial app to trade crypto currencies especially Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin or Bitcoin cash then Coinbase will a great platform to do all the trading kinds of stuff.

With Coinbase it will be very easy for anybody to withdraw and deposit money to trade Bitcoins using the linked bank accounts.

Features offered by Coinbase:

  • Trade digital currency on the go
  • Connect all your bank accounts
  • Connect debit and credit cards
  • Connect PayPal
  • Compatible with mobile devices and available on the web too

8. Wela

Don’t have an Android device and looking for a good personal finance app for your iPhone? Don’t worry, try Wela one of the best apps for managing your bank accounts, creating budget and tracking expenses at one place.

Beyond expense tracking and budget creating Wela does one more important thing. Wela app is equipped with an AI assistant to provide worthy financial advice to its users. The AI chatbot provided by Wela is able to provide great finance and savings advice based on their user’s personalized goals.

Wela also lets its users categorize and track their expenses easily. This helps its users a lot in creating a budget and achieve their saving goals easily.

9. Spendee

This top 10 list of best personal finance app will be incomplete without Spendee. Spendee’s brightly colored and user-friendly interface enhances user experience.

Spendee is no doubt one of the best personal finance apps which are loaded with multiple features including budget tracking tool, ease of data input, expense categorizing facility using receipts and photos.

Spendee also equipped with budget creation tool which elevates it from a simple expense tracking app to a great budgeting app.

10. Home Budget

Home Budget finance app is a solid expense management and budgeting app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With this app, multiple devices can be synced which makes budget sharing easy across the family members.

This finance app provides infographics and useful stats about your income and expenses which make it easy for its users to learn about their spending habits and make better strategies to achieve their saving goals.

Bottom Line

Money management is a difficult task to perform no doubt. The days are gone when we use Excel or paper and pen to create your monthly budget or track your expenses, now you can do all these stuff on your smartphone with the help of a great personal finance app.

The apps featured in this list are great and I hope you will find them useful. If you have any suggestions regarding this list then please let us know through your valuable comments.

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