Top 10 Zen Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2020

Sometimes people often get frustrated and impatient due to their daily hectic schedules. You need to calm down your mind and focus on the goals of your life. The best way to do that is meditation. There are different forms of meditation that you can apply to get rid of your stress and tension very easily. The best part of Zen Blogs & websites is it allows you to release your stress and tension when you read it.

There are various zen blogs and websites are there that you can take the help of to get relieved from your stress and anxiety as per your requirement. There are multiple bloggers who post their blogs on Zen habits to help people that can recover from their stress and anxiety quickly.

10 Zen blogs and websites that can help you to create Zen habits: –

There are several Zen blogs and websites that can help you to create Zen habits that can provide you relief from your daily stress and tension. Hence let’s get into the details of these 10 blogs and websites from where you can get the information related to it.

Zen Habits

This blog narrates the various types of Zen habits that one can adopt to enjoy simplicity and mindfulness during the daily chaos of their life. The basic objective of this blogger is to make us clear our clutter so that we can perform our work with perfection. This will also help us to create something amazing and in finding happiness in our daily lives.

San Diego writes this blog and he posts one blog per week on this topic. He also writes blogs related to personality development and other meditational types of blogs. Hence, if you are facing stress then you can follow his blogs to de-stress yourself.

Patheos wild Fox zen

It is one of the world-leading multifaith sites that is dedicated to talking about faith. If you read his blogs then you can understand that he narrates about world faith in different religions and spiritualities.

Buddhists Dosho port writes his blog on the topic of wild fox zen. They write a minimum of 2 posts per month.

Kwan Um School of Zen

The Kwan Um School of Zen supports 100 of zen centers all around the world. The different forms of Zen training and its practices are taught here. You will get 1 post on a per-week basis from this blog site.

If you can follow this blog site then you can gain complete mastery on Zen habits from here Currently, they have 6.7k Facebook fans and 2.6K Twitter followers all over the world.

Hence, you can learn a lot from this blog site if you follow it judiciously.

Hardcore Zen

Brad warner manages this blog site he is basically an author and an ordained Zen priest. He had released a book in the same name to train people about the Soto zen Philosophy.
You will get 1 post per month from his end if you follow his blog on a regular basis.

Empty gate Zen center

Berkeley is the writer of Empty Gate Zen center the prime objective of this blog is to train people about Zen meditation. This blogger is also affiliated with the Kwan Um School of Zen.

He posts 1 blog on a per month basis. Hence if you want to know more you can visit their website and can keep a track of his daily blogs.

Meditation Zem .org

Meditation zen maintains this blog site. The basic objective of this blog site is to train people about Soto Zen. The important learnings and preaches of Zen are maintained in this blog site.

You will get 1 post per week. You need to follow their site if you want to gain more knowledge about the Soto zen meditation. Currently, this blog has 4.5K Facebook Fans and 247 Twitter followers worldwide.
Patheos Monkey mind: – It is a world-leading multifaith site. The basic objective of this site is to host seminars and conversations on faith. James Ford writes this blog. He is a Zen Buddhist priest and also a well-known author who tells about the values and aspects of zen life.

He writes 2 posts per week. You can follow him to gather more knowledge about Zen habits.

San Francisco Zen Center

The writer of this blog writes about the Soto zen community. Here the offerings of Zazen study and his work practices are available. It provides this knowledge and teachings to the diver group of the population like monks, law people, priests, and students.

You will get 1 post per quarter from their end. Hence, just follow their site regularly.

Buddhism Now

This is an online Buddhist magazine that imparts knowledge on how to practice Buddhism. You will get 1 post per quarter. Complete detail about Buddhism practice is taught here.
Zen Lightenment:- You will get a complete idea about Zen meditation, Zen Buddhism, and general Buddhism. On average 10 posts per year, you will get from this site. You need to just stay tuned to know the date of their next posts.

The best thing about this blog site is it provides you the complete knowledge of Zen meditation and its practice forms. If you want to get rid of your daily hectic schedule then it is the best way out.


If you want to get rid of stress, tension, and anxiety from your life then meditation is the best way to do so. You can take the help of the above-mentioned blog sites to gain knowledge about Zen habits and Zen meditation. You cannot ignore the fact that Zen meditation can help you to lead a happy and self-contented life. You can easily focus on your goals and can achieve it as per your requirement. Hence, if you are ready to feel the difference in your life then follow the Zen meditation techniques to give a new dimension to your life.  

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