Understanding the Importance of Video Marketing

It’s not too tough to perceive why videos are gaining an increasing amount of popularity these days. If you ask for reasons, then the one that is the easiest to digest is a video format. It gives our eyes a break from the excessive textual information that is available online. This is the reason that the world prefers to watch a collective of 1 Billion hours on YouTube every single day. And to those who are moving towards digital video marketing must have in-depth knowledge about the powerful tool that video is. This is important not only because you are as an individual interested in making mesmerizing videos, but it is also crucial that you learn how to incorporate these videos into your content to remain in the competition.

Today, we want to talk about some of the best practices that can help digital marketers to make phenomenal videos and share them. Are you ready to learn all about some great marketing tips to get great a change?

Why video marketing?

The engaging and versatile content of a video gives us a glimpse of what is going on in real life. Videos are an extremely easy content format to share on several platforms. The consumers enjoy video content more because it is entertaining, easy to digest, engaging, and marketers have a chance to get a significant return on their investment through several channels.

Video is easily accessible to anyone with an active internet connection. This is applied to those who wish to watch and produce videos. The craze for premium quality videos is always trending in the market. However, anyone can create a video under a few minutes with the help of their laptops or phones. InVideo can help you with all of this.

Video Marketing Statistics that prove the need for videos

  1.  According to a majority of the marketers, i.e. 97% of them claim that a video helps a customer understand all about the product. It is essential for not only informing the customers about the product but also educating them about the benefits of it. Marketers today hesitate to undertake a pitching form of approach, and the reason is quite evident. This is because the choices out there are way too many. The businesses and consumers don’t have to be sold out on a product. One can easily find whatever they seek online and get it delivered right at their doorstep in absolutely no time. That’s the reason why marketers need to approach their target audience not in a sale-based offer but a value-based one. And, there is no better option to perform that than sending their way videos that give a closer look at the service or product a marketer is selling.
  2. Research proves that most of the traffic by the year 2021 will have a video attached to it. Search engines are very fond of videos. Why? Because these engines see them as superior quality content. This is the reason that using your videos in various content types as well as using it on different web pages will do wonders for search engine optimization. This will require marketers to optimize the videos properly. One must also incorporate a solid and exceptional meta description, right keywords, and a catchy as well as a strong title.
  3. 81% of businesses have started using videos for marketing. Videos are a great way of spreading every kind of message to the world out there. If you think this concerning practicality, you will understand that a video can make all the difference and educate people regarding the pros and cons of several products. With the use of unique forms of media and storytelling methods, one can catch the attention of people while they are attracted to the entertainment they see. You have to use video content that will match up to the product you are trying to sell. One can use an illustrated explainer or that of an animated video in order to stand out from the crowd.
  4. The use of live video will drive 13% of the traffic by the year 2021. Have you ever checked out the life stories on Facebook or Instagram? If you are moving in the direction of making a career in digital, then you have to learn the ways to create videos and the methods used to optimize them.

Today, brands need a strategy for video marketing. The idea might seem new, but it isn’t. One has to understand the importance of video on every channel and platform.