Why Should I Buy Smart Appliances For my Home?

What if all the home devices could connect to the internet? It is not just smartphones & computers, but everything we use in daily life like lights, doorbells, clocks, speakers, windows, window blinds, cameras, cooking utensils, water heaters, you name it. Yes, this is possible with smart devices. And what if those devices have the ability to communicate, take your commands, and send you real-time information? It’s not science fiction; it’s called IoT–Internet of Things––the key component of a smart home.

These days’ people are crazy about their home automation: automating the ability to control daily use appliances— from ovens to using your voice to refrigerators that let you see what is inside while you are out for shopping, smart devices offer incredible perks. For some homeowners, turning their old house into a smart home can be as easy as buying a television. For others, it can cost high. 

But are these appliances worth it? That seemingly straightforward question has different answers; they have the potential to make your home smarter, safer, energy-efficient, and more entertaining to live in.

What exactly do we mean by smart appliances?

Smart appliances make your comfort a step further, beyond basic functionality. They attempt to be more efficient and secure, communicating via the internet and other Alexa––internet-connected device, and diagnosing errors or problems. 

Smart appliances communicating with voice-control and app control allow the user to operate appliances remotely when not at home, while programmatic efficiency upgrades such as like automatic water adjustments in washing machines give users a peace of mind. Trust us! Your fridge can do a lot more than just keeping your meal fresh and cool, and your oven can perform more than simply cooking food. 

Should you buy smart appliances to make your home smart?

Smart Home concept,

A “smart home” is equipped with smart devices all around that automate routine tasks usually handled by humans. And homeowners easily operate them by their voice commands––artificial intelligence. From window shades to lights, you can control everything by your voice. Isn’t it simple?

Here are some solid reasons for owning a smart appliance and turning your own home into a smart home. 

  • One of the best advantages of investing in smart products is the convenience factor when you have your hands full. You can use your voice or just say “Alexa, preheat the oven,” and here you’re done. Moreover, you can use your smartphone to check the items available in your fridge, how long the dryer will take to dry clothes.
  •  Efficiency is another benefit. Many appliances diagnose themselves when there is any defect or malfunction, which is immensely helpful. The 2019 smart appliances tend to be more efficient in terms of their operation.
  • Energy efficiency is the homeowner’s primary concern. With smart appliances, the owner can conserve electricity and water while also washing and drying their clothes faster. There’s also an impressive cool factor to further take care of your clothes.
  • Smart appliances used for cooking; oven, and pressure cookers often come with recipe apps that are useful for cooking delicious meals.

Cost vs Benefits

With some appliances, the value is clear. There’s no doubt that a smart oven and a smart fridge can both be very helpful because of their intelligent features. However, with dryers, washers, and dishwashers, a homeowner might not want to pay an additional cost for smart devices because he or she might not have much use for those extra connected features available. 

Furthermore, the need to invest in smart appliances also depends on your budget and preferences. And when deciding to purchase you must assess the value of the smart appliance features versus its cost. 

According to Juniper Research data, the cost of smart appliances (between 2018 and 2023) is expected to reduce by 52 percent. We’re already noticing a decline in prices of some appliances like robot vacuums, washing machines with sensors, and the leading brand’s refrigerators like Haier fridge is high in demand these days. 

Thank you for reading!

In the coming years, homeowners may see more products coming out with smart features. So, are you ready to begin your journey from the old home to a smart home?


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