YouTube Red vs YouTube TV – Which one is better?

Today we’re talking about YouTube RED and YouTube TV and this is a really interesting case because you and I we all use YouTube all the time and they’re fantastic at delivering streaming content to us. So, YouTube RED and YouTube TV is the advanced feature of YouTube which has a separate membership. So, what’s the difference between YouTube RED and YouTube TV?

Today we are talking about YouTube’s new life TV subscription model called YouTube TV and show how it is different from YouTube RED.

YouTube RED

YouTube RED comes with a subscription of $10 a month and in exchange to watch regular YouTube videos, they add 3 other benefits. In YouTube red membership, our member’s only access to series movies and other exclusive content created by YouTubers without any ads. They can also download videos onto your phone and saving it up to 30 days for viewing later. You will get a download icon that you can tap to save the clip for later. They can also listen to videos with the screen turned off.

YouTube Red’s videos are made mostly by YouTube personalities and you get original content. YouTube red subscription is basically a setting on the standard YouTube website or app the setting determines whether you review at some videos or be able to access exclusive content YouTube. In the event that you move up to YouTube Red, your new features will work with YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming also.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV cost $35 a month making it considerably more expensive than YouTube. YouTube TV will not appear as a setting on the YouTube app but instead, it functions as a standalone app for the monthly fee of $35. You get lifetime access to over 40 cable channels. YouTube TV is going to feel very familiar if you’re used to using YouTube at all. Its unlimited DVR that comes with your package end of the story sort of there is one thing to be aware of there’s a nine-month storage limit. So, once you do record something it’s only going to show up in that DVR for nine months.

Available on:

 Android
 iOS devices
 Google Chromecast
 Apple AirPlay

You will get live programming from NBC, Telemundo, MLB Network and NBA TV, CBS, Fox, ESPN, AMC, BBC America, BBC World News, Bravo, The Disney Channel, FX, MSNBC, and others.

Which is best?

You can get YouTube TV on your Apple TV or your Roku but it is missing a few of the major players hopefully they’re adding those all the time to make sure again make sure you look it up before you sign up for YouTube TV that you’re going to be able to use it on the device you want to do we recommend YouTube TV as far as we concerned. Another thing is YouTube TV actually just raised their price from $35 to $40. YouTube Red is still the YouTube you know. At the rate of $10 per month, its flexible choice for those who want to access content while using other apps, without ads on YouTube, listen to Google Play Music’s library. So, YouTube RED is better than YouTube TV. You can also download YouTube Red Apk

Final verdicts: –

So, guys, hope this article will help you to choose the best option for your device and you will definitely get to know more about both of them after reading this article. There is many more comparison about a similar app that you can know by visiting our homepage. Thank you for visiting here.

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